Why join a support group?
Posted by: Editor on Jul 21, 2009 in News

handsI remember being nervous the first time I attended a support group.  I wasn’t so sure I wanted to share my story, and I didn’t feel comfortable speaking about such a personal topic in front of total strangers.  I finally attended and was completely surprised.  I found that the benefit of a support group is not necessarily the counseling aspect, but the community.  It was amazing to see a group of people with the same problems that I had.  For so long I felt alone, and that no one could possibly understand what I was experiencing.  I was wrong, here was a group of people that knew exactly what I was feeling, and enduring.  It is also great to bring your spouse, if you feel they don’t completely understand how difficult this time may be for you.  It could help them to hear others speak and use the same language as you do, to describe their worry.

Even if you never speak during a support group session, just come to listen.  You may be pleasantly surprised by the similarities in your stories.

Here is a link to The Benefits of Support Groups from :

Check the calendar section of for updated meeting times and locations.

Hope to see you soon,

Lisa Stack

One response to “Why join a support group?”

  1. Denise says:


    I really agree with the above. I felt exactly the same way, until last night! I enjoyed all the positive talk!

    Thank you!

    Much love and expect miracles,


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