The Fertility Clinic Always Near Me

Thousands travel to CNY every year for their fertility treatment. Here’s why…

  • Our Expertise

    Our doctors have been at the forefront of fertility medicine for more than two decades.  As developers of immunological protocols for solving repetitive IVF failures and recurrent pregnancy loss, people seek out our experts from around the globe.

  • Our Prices

    We charge 1/3 the national average for most treatments and offer in-house payment plans with a 100% approval. This makes top-quality care possible for all. Even when factoring in travel expenses, most people can save $10,000-20,000 for IVF or donor egg cycles.

  • Our Care

    We are passionate about treating the whole person and supporting you in every way. We believe true success is only found in helping everyone so we don’t turn people away for their AMH, FSH, BMI, age, or number of previously failed cycles. 

How It Works

We’ve Made It Simple for You.

  • Getting Started

    The Consultation

    It all starts with a consultation.  Most who live more than a few hour drive from one of our fertility clinics choose to have their consultation by phone, FaceTime, or Skype. During your consultation, you and one of our fertility specialists will discuss your goals, review any previous testing or cycles, and formulate a plan tailored specifically for you. Afterward, a member of our travel team will reach out to you via your patient portal to order your medications (which will be sent directly to your home) and guide you through the remainder of the process.

    In order to formulate the best plan during your consultation and to expedite the process, we recommend getting a head start on your male and female fertility testing. If you have had testing within a year, you’re good to go.  We also recommend following much of our male and female fertility enhancement guide in preparation for your treatment. 

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  • Medications, Ultrasounds, Bloodwork

    Local Monitoring

    Most fertility treatment cycles that people travel for (outside of tubal reversals and other surgeries) require 3-5 doctor visits during the stimulation phase of treatment. These are called Monitoring Appointments. During the simulation period, you will likely be taking medications to help your eggs grow. To time the procedures effectively and make sure your treatment is done safely, all of this must be monitored closely.

    Cycle monitoring appointments can be done near you with a local medical facility. We provide an ultrasound/bloodwork order that you take to your local clinic. They send us the results and, after analyzing them, we call you with updates, next steps, and tell you when to schedule your next monitoring appointment.

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  • Destination CNY

    The Procedures

    All of your procedures (inseminations, IVF retrievals, transfers, tubal reversals, etc.) are done at our offices. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND that anyone who lives more than a few hour drive away arrive in the area the day before the procedure. You can typically return home the day of (by car) or the day after (by plane) your procedure. Everyone is unique, so please consult with our travel team before traveling.

    If you are doing a fresh IVF Embryo Transfer and drove a long way or took a flight, we generally recommend staying in the area for the five or so days. If doing a frozen transfer, most people return home and come back next month for their Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET). Some choose beforehand to do a FET as it offers the same success as a fresh transfer and is easier to plan in advance for (sometimes plans for fresh transfers must be changed last minute due to the potential unreadiness for transfer immediately following the IVF Stimulation and Retrieval). 

    + Visit our location pages for tips on where to stay and what to do when you’re in town

  • Supporting Implantation

    Post-transfer Care

    After returning home, you will remain in our care for approximately 6-8 weeks until we are confident your pregnancy is appropriately established. During this time we will continue to provide you with ultrasound and blood orders while managing any remaining medication protocols. After this time, you will be fully discharged to your OBGYN.

Types of Travelers

Most only need to make 1-2 trips and be in NY or CO for a total of 2-7 days depending on the treatment and how far you live.

  • The ‘Short’ Driver

    Usually lives 1-3 hours drive from the Syracuse, Albany, Buffalo, Colorado Springs, or Sarasota office. If this sounds like you, you can drive to and from our office the same day for each procedure. Some who live a couple of hours away even choose to do their monitoring with us.

  • Road Trippers

    Lives 3+ hours drive. Drive to CNY the day before any procedure. Drive back home the day of or after the procedure. If you live far away and are doing a fresh embryo transfer, consider staying the 3-5 days until transfer.

  • Flyers

    Fly to CNY the day before the procedure.  If fresh transfer, stay in NY or CO for 3-5 days until transfer. If frozen transfer, fly back home after retrieval procedure and return the following month (or later) for FET.

  • CNY Experience

    If your schedule allows, there’s nothing really like the CNY Experience and being pampered at our CNY Healing Art Centers where you can enjoy acupuncture, massage, and yoga throughout your treatment cycle.

It is important not to make any final travel arrangements until you speak with and get approval from our travel team.

Finding A Monitoring Facility

During a treatment cycle, you typically need to have your Follicles, Uterus, and Hormones looked at 3-5 times. For that you’ll need to find a medical facility (usually your local OBGYN, Fertility Clinic, or Radiology Department, in combination with LabCorp or Quest Diagnostics) to perform the following with same-day results.

  • Transvaginal Ultrasounds

    Your Ultrasound Monitoring Clinic must be able to do a transvaginal follicular ultrasound and report the number and size of each follicle along with the endometrial thickness and type. After establishing a pregnancy, they will need to be able to perform a transvaginal prenatal ultrasound with the number of sacs (heartbeats) and viability.

    Your current OB/GYN is usually the best place to start when finding a monitoring facility. If they cannot provide transvaginal follicular ultrasounds, check out the map below or ask a local fertility clinic, radiology department, or ultrasound clinic.

  • Blood Work

    Your monitoring facility for bloods must be able to do same-day Estradiol, Progesterone, LH, FSH, TSH, and Quantitative hCG.

    If your ultrasound monitoring clinic cannot do the blood work, see the map below or check out Lab Corp or Quest Diagnostics. LabCorp and Quest Diagnostics are the nation’s largest network of medical laboratories and have blood drawing facilities throughout the country. We work with them every day.

Monitoring Facilities

If your current OBGYN or Fertility Clinic is unable to perform your monitoring, check out our map below to find a monitoring facility near you.

If you are a medical facility and would like your facility listed on our map, please fill out this form.

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