Tubal Ligation Reversal Cost & Financing

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Tubal Ligation Reversal Cost & Financing

Fast Facts About Tubal Reversal Costs

  • Tubal ligation reversals are rarely covered by insurance which leaves nearly the entire cost of the procedure to be paid out of pocket.
  • Even when IVF (IVF is an alternative treatment option for those with tubal ligations) is covered by insurance, policies nearly always have exclusions for those with voluntary sterilization surgeries like tubal ligations or vasectomies.
  • The cost of tubal ligation reversals ranges widely. The average cost is somewhere around $8500.
  • Tubal ligation reversal costs can sometimes be split into anesthesia, surgical, and hospital fees, so it’s important to find out what is included at your tubal ligation reversal surgical center.
  • A tubal ligation reversal doesn’t guarantee a live birth. Pregnancies following tubal ligation reversals have higher odds of ectopic pregnancies and odds of conception are also constrained other factors like age, ovarian reserve, sperm quality, and more.

How Much Does a Tubal Reversal Cost?

The cost of a tubal reversal varies quite a bit depending on the surgeon, region, and facility at which the procedure is done at (hospital vs outpatient surgical center). Without any large-scale studies looking at the cost of tubal ligation reversals around the country, it is hard to determine what the true cost range and averages are, though it is speculated to range from around $5,000-20,000 with an average close to $8,500. As previously mentioned, quoted costs may or may not include fees like anesthesia and hospital fees, so it’s important to find out what is included in any quote given to you and what other fees may be encountered given most costs will be out of pocket.

Low-Cost Tubal Ligation Reversal

Tubal ligation reversals at CNY Fertility cost $4,995 and that includes anesthesia, surgical, and all facility fees the day of the surgery.  If you undergo a tubal reversal at CNY, you are also eligible for a discounted IVF cycle of $2,995. Because tubal ligation reversals may not always be successful, having an IVF cycle to fall back on may mean the difference between having a baby and not. In case the tubes were not able to be connected during the surgery, one does not have to wait the full time until proceeding with IVF. 

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The above calculation is for simulation purposes only. It is reflective of self-pay pricing, includes highly variable estimates paid to CNY and third parties, and national averages obtained through internal research, FertilityIQ, ASRM, and Resolve. Billing through insurance will likely result in substantially different fees. CNY Fertility does not warrant or guarantee any price for services conducted or rendered by a third party and recommends everyone obtain written estimates from any medical facility involved in your treatment as well as verification of coverage from your insurance company prior to beginning treatment.

Does Insurance Cover Tubal Ligation Reversals?

In short, no, or very rarely.  A tubal reversal is generally considered an elective procedure done as a form of permanent birth control. The procedure severs or otherwise inhibits egg and sperm from meeting and implanting in the uterus. Even though many who previously had a tubal ligation later wish to have children again, most insurance providers view the decision to have a tubal ligation as an elective form of self sterilization and do not cover tubal ligation reversals.

The cost for a tubal ligation reversal is such an important topic to consider because it is one of only two ways that a woman who has a tubal ligation can get pregnant, the other being IVF.  And similarly, IVF is rarely if ever covered by insurance, particularly for someone who has had a tubal ligation.

With the cost of both tubal reversals and IVF so high and both rarely covered by insurance, it’s very important to speak to a reproductive endocrinologist about what the best option is for you.

The True Cost of Tubal Reversals: Considering the Odds of a Successful Surgery and Pregnancy

Unfortunately, there simply aren’t many studies looking at the odds of successful birth after tubal ligation reversal surgeries making it difficult to make far reaching claims about the cost of tubal reversals and the ability to bring home a baby with such surgery. That said, one study from 2014 that looks at the cost per ongoing pregnancy for women after a tubal reversal and compares it to the cost per ongoing pregnancy of IVF giving us some insight into the potential costs.

The study suggests a cost per ongoing pregnancy for a tubal reversal is anywhere from $16,000 to $220,000 whereas IVF ranges from $40,000 to $110,000.

As you can see the researchers found that tubal reversals have the opportunity to be more cost-effective, but for some populations, they can be much more expensive. The study found that for those under the age of 40, tubal ligation reversals were more cost-efficient than IVF per ongoing pregnancy.

Tubal Reversal Financing

There are indeed many options out there to finance tubal ligation reversals both in a traditional sense and in some instances payment plans at tubal reversal surgery centers.

Tubal Reversals at CNY Fertility

Your first step in having a tubal ligation reversal is scheduling a consultation to speak with one of our providers and to review your tubal ligation reports. This will help us determine if a tubal ligation reversal is a suitable treatment for you, compare tubal reversals to IVF as another option, and set your plan in action.

Because of our one-of-a-kind IVF insurance included in our tubal ligation reversal and surgical success of reversals performed by Dr. Robert Kiltz, people travel to Upstate New York from around the country for our tubal ligation reversal program.

The Bottom Line about the Cost of Tubal Ligation Reversals

The cost of tubal ligation reversal surgeries can be cost-prohibitive for many as it is rarely if ever, covered by insurance. Prices range significantly throughout the United States so it is possible to save a great deal of money by price shopping and potentially traveling to a clinic some distance away.

Because the cost of a tubal reversal is so expensive and it still does not guarantee a baby, it’s also important to consider the potential cost of IVF after a failed tubal ligation reversal – or better yet, have your tubal ligation reversal done CNY, where we back our tubal ligation reversal with a discounted IVF.

If you’re curious about having a tubal ligation reversal here at CNY Fertility (or even curious about IVF after learning about affordable IVF here at CNY), the best place to get started is with a consultation with our tubal ligation reversal expert.

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