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Your Individualized Infertility Treatment Plan

Our Fertility Treatment Philosophy

Having to go through infertility treatment is something we wouldn’t wish upon anyone. At the same time, it is the pinnacle of beauty that science now gives everyone the opportunity to have the family of their dreams.  There is no one definition of family, motherhood, fatherhood. Likewise, no two journeys lead down the same exact road when trying to conceive and bring a child into the world. Everything from your medical history and fertility diagnosis to your personality type and goals can factor into determining the fertility treatment that is right for you. That’s why CNY specializes in all aspects of infertility and reproductive medicine and treats everyone as their own unique person.

Our internationally recognized physicians provide simple solutions, but also combine the latest advances in IUI and IVF technology with cutting-edge protocols like those focusing on Reproductive Immunology. Our team seamlessly integrates these modern advances with “eastern” modalities like acupuncture, massage, and yoga to foster the fertile being within and improve your fertility treatment outcome.

No matter your story, we will help you find a solution that is perfectly suited for your family-building needs.

Making Babies

Assisted Reproductive Technology

Assisted Reproductive Technologies range from the relatively simple to state of the art procedures and are designed for those trying to conceive or maintain a pregnancy.

  • IUI

    An intrauterine insemination is an introductory treatment where sperm is cleaned, concentrated and deposited into the uterus using a catheter.

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  • IVF

    In Vitro Fertilization is the gold standard of fertility medicine offering the highest odds of success per cycle. Eggs are removed from the ovaries, fertilized and grown in a lab, and subsequently transferred into the woman’s uterus.

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  • Frozen Embryo Transfer

    The transfer of a previously frozen embryo (from an IVF cycle) into a woman’s uterus.

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  • Invocell

    A fertilization alternative to traditional IVF and ICSI where the eggs are fertilized and grown inside a medical device placed in the woman’s vagina.

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  • Vasectomy Reversal

    A surgical procedure done to reverse a previous vasectomy and restore a man’s fertility.

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  • Tubal Ligation Reversal

    A procedure done to reverse a tubal ligation (by reconnecting their tubes) thus restoring a woman’s fertility.

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  • Timed Intercourse

    An introductory treatment to ensure intercourse is taking place at the proper time during the female’s cycle.

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  • Ovulation Induction

    An introductory treatment to assist ovulation for those who do not ovulate naturally.

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Donor Options: Third Party Reproduction

Making Babies

Sometimes you just need a little help from a friend (or stranger).

  • Donor Sperm

    We work with every New York State Approved Sperm Bank to provide you with plenty of options when you are ready to choose donor sperm.

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  • Donor Eggs

    Our very own Donor Egg Program offers extensive options for your donor egg needs.

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  • Donor Embryos

    Donor embryos give those who have already explored most other options a great chance to carry and deliver a healthy baby.

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  • Gestational Carriers

    Surrogates and gestational carriers help families who otherwise can’t carry an opportunity to pursue their family building treatment.

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Making Future Babies

Fertility Preservation

From focusing on your career or finishing your education, to traveling the world or finding the right partner there are many good reasons to preserve your fertility.

For others, it’s a medical necessity. For those undergoing life-saving chemotherapy, we provide fertility preservation options at a significant discount.

Testing Embryo Genetics

Preimplantation Genetics Testing

Genetic Testing is a wonderful resource for many. While we actually recommend against it for some, it can be helpful for those with many embryos who want to choose the embryo with the highest odds of implanting. For people with known genetic disorders or for those looking to choose the sex of their child, genetic testing can be essential.




GoalIncrease chances of achieving a successful pregnancyReduces risk of passing on an inherited conditionIncrease chances of achieving a successful pregnancy with normal/balanced chromosome constitution
Patient populationThose with failed IVF cycles, many possible embryos to transfer, or those looking to choose the sex of their childPatients at high-risk of having a child with a specific genetic diseasePatients with a chromosomal rearrangement
Genetic Test TypeScreens for chromosome abnormalitiesScreens for a specific gene disorderScreens for specific unbalanced chromosome rearrangements

Restoring, Improving, and Assisting Reproduction

Fertility Surgeries

  • Tubal Ligation Reversal

    TR’s are a successful way for those who had their tubes tied to reverse their “permanent” birth control measure and have children through intercourse.

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  • Vasectomy Reversal

    A successful way to reverse a vasectomy sterilization and restore a man’s fertility so that he can reproduce through intercourse once again.

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    A surgical extraction of semen from a man’s testes for those who have little or no sperm (oligospermia or azoospermia) or have had a vasectomy. Paired with IVF.

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  • Laparoscopy

    A minimally invasive surgery used for diagnostic and corrective reasons that can aid in establishing and maintaining a healthy pregnancy.

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  • Hysteroscopy

    A minimally invasive surgery done to observe and correct any abnormalities within the uterine cavity.

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  • Scratch Procedure

    An endometrial biopsy is done to stimulate new uterine lining growth and bring regenerative blood flow and growth factors to the area.

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Add On Services

  • Female Fertility Enhancement

    Our female enhancement and immune protocols focus on improving egg, embryo, and uterine lining quality and/or modulating the immune system. 

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  • Male Fertility Enhancement

    Our male infertility enhancement protocols are designed to increase sperm count, quality, and motility, thus improving fertilization, implantation, and live birth results.

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  • Monitoring

    Most fertility treatments (outside of corrective surgeries) take a few weeks  and must be “monitored,” with ultrasound and bloodwork closely to ensure your safety and to time any procedures. 

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  • Acupuncture

    Acupuncture can help regulate menstrual cycles, endocrine imbalances, and improve blood flow to reproductive organs.

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  • Abdominal Massage

    Abdominal massages for fertility improve blood flow and nutritional delivery to the reproductive organs.

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  • Yoga

    Yoga helps improve blood flow to reproductive organs and can also serve as a vital support community.

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