Donor Embryo Recipients


The Basics

Donor Embryos

  • What is a donor embryo?

    A donor embryo is an embryo that is created with sperm and eggs that neither of the recipient parents is genetically related to.  

  • Who is a donor embryo for?

    Generally, donor embryos are used by people who are interested in the concept of adoption but would also like to carry the child and establish a special bond over the nine-month gestational period.

  • How are donor embryos made?

    Often when families undergo IVF treatments, they are left with remaining fertilized eggs (embryos) that they chose not to use. These embryos can either be donated to CNY (to coordinate an embryo donation) or directly to a family looking for embryos.

    Some couples make donor embryos by purchasing donor eggs and sperm separately then creating them in our IVF Laboratory.

Anonymous, Known, and Creation

Types of Donor Embryos

  • Known Donor Embryos

    Known Donor Embryos come from families that in one way or another know each other prior to the donation and have come to a mutual agreement. This is a great option for those looking for a more personal connection to their donor or those who wish to know as much about their future child’s history as possible.  We run a private Facebook group “Donor Embryo Program and Family Finder,” that enables donors and recipients to post their stories and find families whom they would like to match with. Ask us to join the group. 

  • Anonymous Donor Embryos

    Anonymous Donor Embryos are embryos that are donated directly to CNY Fertility to be placed in our anonymous donation program for families in need. The identity of the biological parents will remain anonymous, but the donors are put through FDA-required testing which screens for a number of diseases. They also answer a questionnaire to help provide the parents-to-be with useful demographic information and personality traits. This allows the recipient couple to choose the embryos they feel are most suitable for the family they wish to create. Contact us through the patient portal to join the waitlist.

  • Donor Embryo Creation

    Donor embryos may also be created by purchasing both donor sperm and donor eggs separately and then subsequently fertilizing the eggs with the sperm to create embryos. While more expensive than traditional embryo donation, this can be a good option for many particularly due to the waitlist that often accompanies donor embryos.