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There’s no greater gift than helping a family who wants a child but can’t do exactly that. For your generousity and caring heart, we honor you.

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Why Donate?

The Top Reasons To Donate Eggs

  • Compassion

    Everyone deserves the chance to have a family. For us, it’s a basic human right. YOU can be the missing link to the 1 in 8 families that struggle to have children.

  • Money

    We value your generosity, compassion, time, and body. Our egg donors make $4,000 per donation and can donate up to 6 times for a total of $24,000.

Who Can Donate?

Egg Donors must be healthy females between the age of 20-32, have a BMI between 18-35, and must not be active smokers.

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Understanding the Egg Donation Process

How to Become an Egg Donor

Egg donation involves removing eggs from a woman (donor) who is healthy and fertile. After being removed, the eggs are either frozen for the future or used immediately by hopeful parents-to-be who can’t make babies on their own.

  • 1. Initial application and evaluation

    It all starts by filling out your online application. After you complete the application we will check to see if you meet our basic requirements. If so, we will contact you to schedule a complimentary appointment to evaluate your reproductive and overall health, genetic history, and psychological well-being.

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  • 2. Your Donation Cycle

    If approved as a donor, the egg donation process will proceed. For about 10-14 days (at the start of your menstrual cycle until ovulation) you will be monitored while taking medication to increase the number of viable eggs you can produce. Just before ovulation, you will undergo an outpatient procedure to remove eggs from that month’s cycle. Throughout this two week window, you will be required to take injectable medications delivered to your abdomen and have frequent office visits (usually 4 during your donation cycle + the egg retrieval).

    + What to expect at egg retrieval

  • 3. Follow Up

    After your donation, our donor team will reach out to you two weeks after your egg retrieval to see how you are feeling and if you would like to donate again.  If you’d like, you can remain in our donor program and donate up to another 5 times.

Where It Happens...

All of your egg retrieval procedures happen at one of our offices in Syracuse (NY), Albany (NY) Buffalo (NY), Colorado Springs (CO), or Sarasota (FL). 

Curious for More?

Our Donor Coordinator Will Explain It All.

I have dedicated years of education and employment to helping people but I decided I wanted to help in a larger way. While the money is a nice bonus, egg donation provides a unique opportunity to help people build a family and foster human connection

Rochester, New York

My aunt was never able to have children because of complications which made her infertile. To be able to help someone like her able to have children, a little gift from God, would be the greatest accomplishment of my life.

Syracuse, New York

I think that everyone should be able to enjoy the experience of being a parent. I want to help those who are not able to do so on their own.

Albany, New York

Having a child of my own I know that there is nothing greater than being a parent. I couldn't ask for anything more if I was able to help families make their dream of having children come true.

Utica New York

I struggled to get pregnant for 18 months due to male factor infertility. With CNY fertility’s help, I now have 2 beautiful girls. To me, it is not fair that some can not have babies and experience all that comes with pregnancy. I want to do all that I can to help other families who are struggling with fertility.

Troy New York

Being a young mother of 3 beautiful and healthy children as well as running a small home daycare has shown me the absolute joy children can bring. I am beginning to see family members and friends begin the journey of parenthood, some are having no trouble with creating a family while others are struggling. I want to help make it possible for anyone and everyone to be able to experience parenthood.

Rome New York

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For more information about egg donation from the New York State Department of Health, please visit this fact sheet. Hard copies are available by request.