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Our Mission

To ensure everyone has access to the high-quality fertility care needed to start or expand their family.


The CNY Fertility Story

The Journey to Making Priceless Affordable®

In 1997 we opened our doors on a mission to provide comprehensive, accessible, affordable, and high-quality fertility solutions because there are often too many barriers to quality treatment. We’ve overcome these obstacles and continue to drive the future of fertility medicine.

Doctor Robert Kiltz

Your Fertility Care Team

Our team is led by board-certified reproductive endocrinologists who are highly respected in the field of fertility medicine. They have served as clinical faculty at top medical schools in the United States, have numerous publications in their name, and have been featured in The Wall Street Journal for helping shape the future of fertility medicine.

The CNY family also includes top embryologists, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, nurses, yoga instructors, acupuncturists, and well-being specialists.

  • David Corley, MD
    David Corley, MD Physician
  • Michael Grossman, MD
    Michael Grossman, MD Physician
  • Edward Ditkoff, MD
    Edward Ditkoff, MD Physician
  • Eric Chang, DO
    Eric Chang, DO Physician
  • Maribelle Verdiales, MD
    Maribelle Verdiales, MD Physician
  • Faez Faruqi, MD
    Faez Faruqi, MD Physician
  • Myron Luthringer, MD
    Myron Luthringer, MD Physician
  • JC Trussell, MD
    JC Trussell, MD Physician
  • Ashleigh Rausch
    Ashleigh Rausch Physician Assistant
  • Catherine "Katy" Falcon
    Catherine "Katy" Falcon Nurse Practitioner
  • Grace Michel
    Grace Michel Nurse Practitioner
  • Kimberly Mathis
    Kimberly Mathis Nurse Practitioner
  • Kris Ziegler
    Kris Ziegler Nurse Practitioner
  • Kelly Testa
    Kelly Testa Nurse Practitioner
  • Leigh Houghton
    Leigh Houghton Nurse Practitioner
  • Margaret "Meg" Marnell
    Margaret "Meg" Marnell Nurse Practitioner
  • Rebecca Eskin
    Rebecca Eskin Nurse Practitioner
  • Justine Taylor
    Justine Taylor Nurse Manager
  • Donna Polito
    Donna Polito Nurse Manager
+ Meet the Rest of Our Team

Success Stories

Video interviews with our graduates.

The ladies at the front desk knew me by first name really got to know me. The nurses were just amazing to say the least. I was amazed with my experience with Dr. Kiltz and Dr. Corley, they were always so calm and made me feel so comfortable. Our twins were born June 8th and we could not be more in love.

New York

The quality of care was far and away the best I’d been treated at any clinic. It’s affordable. It’s convenient. Wayat is everything . . and without CNY I wouldn’t have my son.


CNY Preserve made it possible for me to freeze my eggs at a time in my life when it otherwise wouldn't have been an option. I am so grateful that it is their mission to make this process affordable. Egg Freezing has allowed me to invest in my future, so that I can invest in myself today. Thank you CNY!


Thank you to CNY for giving us these two miracle babies. It still feels like a dream that our wish of becoming parents is finally coming true. We could not have gotten here without you and the hope you gave us throughout our journey! It was a long journey, but beyond worth it. Thank you thank you thank you!!


At age 41 I found myself single and without having fulfilled my dream of being a mother. I was sad but kept fighting and thankfully found CNY fertility. With their help, I was able to fulfill my dream with donor eggs and sperm.


On November 15th, we transferred a beautiful 4AB embryo and I finally became pregnant with our beautiful little girl who was born August 9th. She is the light of our life, and so special because we worked so hard for her. She will always know what an amazing miracle she is!

Syracuse New York

Preserving fertility. The True Planned Parenthood. The culture shift. We pursue collegiate level educations, we accumulate debt, and face a divorce rate upwards of 60% today. Reproduction is happening later... but biology is slower to evolve. Freezing preserves chance.


When all hope was gone we got that positive test. This was the only positive test I had throughout the whole journey. My pregnancy was an easy one and on her due date my water broke and we were off to the hospital. She was born a couple of days later and our lives were forever changed.

Katrina & Stephen

After 6 failed IUIs and 2 IVFs ending in miscarriage at a different doctor, I felt hopeless when I came to CNY, you gave me my hope back. CNY made my years of devastation worth it.

Anne & Justin

I have always known I want to be a mom one day. If it wasn’t for CNY’s affordable egg freezing price I would have never been able to freeze my eggs. Everyone at CNY was wonderful! Freezing my eggs was an empowering experience and was one of the best decisions I have made.


Single and at 43 years of age I welcomed my little boy into the world. His midnight cries are welcomed with smiles and a content heart for my home is filled with sweet giggles and endless love! He is my biggest blessing.


When my test showed "PREGNANT" I was over the moon and in complete shock!!! It worked and my dream to become a Mommy is finally coming true :) Thanks to my amazing donor and CNY I am a Mommy now and it feels amazing :)

Kristy & Nathan

After being diagnosed with breast cancer at age 26, my first concern was the impact this would have on our dreams of becoming parents. Each member of the staff at CNY treated us with kindness and compassion during some of our worst days. I cannot even begin to express my gratitude!

New York

We Care

Our Extensive Support Network

  • Fertile Friend<br>Program

    Fertile Friend

    Our fertile friend program is designed to give those still trying to expand their family, preparing for, or going through treatment the opportunity to connect with a CNY Grad to get all the support, love​,​ and insider tips they need on a personal level. Learn more.
  • Online<br>Community


    Our social media platforms, Facebook and Instagram deliver daily tips and keep you informed about the ongoings at CNY. Our community nurtures those still going through treatments and celebrates ​our grads ​who recently welcomed their long-awaited child.

  • Private Facebook<br>

    Private Facebook

    In addition to our public pages, we also have many private support groups for general infertility​, ​pregnancy, ​and beyond​. ​We also have a group designed to connect families looking into embryo adoption with those who have remaining embryos​ they are not planning to use​. Send us a message on facebook to join.
  • Support Guru<br>Lisa

    Support Guru

    Lisa is our long​-time support guru and ​leads all our support opportunities. She hosts a Facebook Live Support ​S​ession in our Private Facebook Group ​e​very Thursday and can help ​facilitate any support opportunity you are looking for. Contact Lisa.

  • In Person & Local

    In Person & Local


    We offer numerous in​-​person support groups and workshops to give you the ​help you need ​to​ take care of your mind​, b​ody​,​ and spirit as you navigate the​ world of fertility. Check out our events calendar.

  • Third Party

    Third Party


    There are many great organizations and ​other resources available to​ help educate and support those struggling with infertility.


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