Tubal Reversal

The Basics

A tubal ligation reversal (TR), medically known as the Tubal Anastomosis, is the procedure by which a surgeons repairs a woman’s fallopian tubes thus restoring her natural fertility after having previously undergone a sterilizing tubal ligation surgery, also known as having one’s “tubes tied.”

It is our mission here at CNY Fertility is to give every person a chance to conceive the way they wish to. For many, this means having a TR. A tubal ligation surgery is often considered a permanent birth control solution, but situations change, relationships evolve, and suddenly, many people find themselves in a situation where they would like to expand their family. Tubal ligation reversal does exactly that. It gives you, our client, an opportunity to restore your fertility and conceive in a child through natural intercourse.

How is it done?

To understand how a TR is performed, you must first understand what it means to have a tubal ligation in the first place. A tubal ligation surgery, through one of many potential methods, separates the distal portion (which is open to the abdominal cavity and takes in the ovulated eggs once released from the ovaries) of the fallopian tube from the proximal portion (which connects to the uterus) thereby preventing the meeting of sperm and egg and hence fertilization.

Thus, during a TR, our surgeon will reconnect both (your left and right) distal and proximal fallopian tubes by making careful surgical cuts to reopen the surgically closed portion of your tubes. After ensuring that each portion of the tube is open by flushing colored water through your tubes, the surgeon will then use any number of sutures to bring the proximal and distal tubes back together. Once again, the surgeon will flush the tube with liquid to ensure that each half of the tube is lined up and thus allow for the flow of both sperm, egg, and embryo to flow freely and unobstructed through the tube.

Tubal Reversals at CNY

All tubal reversal surgeries are performed here at our very own Center for Superior Surgical Care at our Syracuse, NY location using laparoscopic techniques that enable us to restore your fertility in a minimally invasive way.

Most women can resume walking the day of operation and return to an exercise free version of their daily routine the next day. Still, we generally recommend those undergoing this surgery to take at least a week off of work and abstain from all exercise for at least two weeks post operation.

The surgery itself takes approximately 90 minutes and enables most women to conceive naturally without the use of fertility medications.

Prior to your surgery, our medical team will consult with you to see if you’re a good candidate for tubal reversal surgery or if you should choose In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), and also discuss the pros and cons of both options.

Success Rates

Tubal Ligation Reversal Surgeries here at CNY Fertility offer our clients who have had “their tubes tied,” a fantastic opportunity to restore their natural fertility.  Our Center for Superior Surgical Care in Syracuse offers a high chance of success with roughly a 60-80% chance of attaining a natural pregnancy within two years of their surgery date. Of course, your chance of attaining a pregnancy and delivering a baby is highly dependent on your personal fertility health and history.  Our doctors will be happy to discuss further during your consultation.


Because tubal reversal is considered an elective procedure, it is almost never covered by health insurance, Medicare or Medicaid.

The self-pay price of $7900 for tubal reversal includes the cost of anesthesia, the surgery itself, a 2-week post-operative check-up, and an IVF CYCLE IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO ACHIEVE A PREGNANCY WITHIN 18 MONTHS OF THE SURGERY. There may be additional fees based on your unique situation.

Getting Started

Prior to surgery, patients are required to consult with one of CNY Fertility’s doctors to discuss any workup that may be required. Call us at 844-315-2229 or click here to schedule your primary patient consult. After your consult, you will be required to make a deposit or first months payment prior to scheduling your surgery.  We can usually schedule your surgery to take place within a few months of making this initial payment.


There are no overarching limitations on who can undergo a tubal reversal in our Surgical Center.  In some instances, those with a BMI over 35 may not be able to proceed with the surgery safely and thus will have to be rescheduled until proven to be safe to proceed.  Every case is unique and requires its own critical judgment. Often, we are able to perform TR surgeries on those with a BMI over 35 and even 40. If after reviewing your personal case, we determine it would be unsafe to perform the surgery due to your current BMI, we are happy to offer guidance in an effective weight loss strategy so that you can proceed with your surgery with the smallest delay possible.

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