Fertility Treatment

Arvigo Maya Abdominal & Fertility Massages

The Arvigo Maya Massage is a modern adaptation of the ancient Mayan healing technique that gently manipulates the muscles and connective tissues that hold the pelvic organs to correct any blockages, restore blood and lymphatic flow, and optimize reproductive physiology.


For Women

How Fertility Massages Help

increase blood flow to the reproductive organs

nourish follicles with fresh blood supply (oxygen and other nutrients)

help break down scar tissue and adhesions

help cysts dissolve and resolve blockages in fallopian tubes

relieve stress and anxiety

improve digestion and absorption of nutrients

help regulate the menstrual cycle (addressing cramps, heavy bleeding, irregular cycles, reduced clotting)

helps prepare the body to prepare to carry for pregnancy

For Men

How Fertility Massages Help

increase blood flow to the reproductive organs

regulates enlarged prostates

improves sperm count motility and morphology

improve digestion

When to Have Fertility Massages

For best results, it is best to start a fertility massage protocol 90 days prior to the beginning of any fertility treatment like IUI or IVF and commit to a minimum of one treatment per month in conjunction with a self-care routine at home.

In the months leading up to a treatment cycle, the practitioner usually customizes the bodywork according to the stage of the menstrual cycle using deeper abdominal work during the follicular phase (before ovulation) and focus on relaxation during the luteal phase (after ovulation). It is also important to avoid direct uterine massage after ovulation when actively trying to conceive. During a fertility treatment cycle, massages are done after menstruation and before ovulation/trigger shot/retrieval.

Men can receive fertility massages anytime.

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