How to Choose a Sperm Donor

Your Simple Guide to understanding the different types of donors and finding a sperm donor that’s right for you.


Parenthood for Many Means Using Donor Sperm.

The Three Types of Donors

  • Known

    A known donor is exactly that. A family member, friend, or acquaintance willing to go through the necessary testing and donation process. Often requires a reproductive lawyer to protect paternal rights.

  • Anonymous

    An anonymous donor is selected through a sperm bank. Though no identifying information will be given you will have essential characteristics like family history, race, education, appearance, and others.

  • Open

    An open donor is an in-between point. Though not a family, friend or acquaintance, an open donor is a donor through a sperm bank who is willing to be known to the parents and child.

  • Sperm Donor Screening

    Anonymous sperm donors are required by FDA law to be tested for infectious disease and may also need to meet other screening criteria. At CNY, all sperm donors, including known donors, undergo the same initial and periodic screening and testing process used in anonymous donation.

    Many sperm banks also screen their donors with additional genetic testing, an examination of family history, or other evaluation to give the parents to be a more complete profile.

Getting Started

The Process

Getting started can mean many different things depending on where exactly you are in your journey, what brings you to use donor sperm, and how much you have already thought about all your options.  That said, there are a few key steps to starting your family:

  • Schedule Your Consultation

    This may sound like a no brainer, but you will need to schedule a consultation with one of our fertility specialists to have a plan made out for your family-building needs.

  • Research

    Researching all your options is critical. If you plan on using a known donor, it’s probably a good time to get in touch with a reproductive lawyer. If you’re using a sperm bank, now is a good time to scroll down the page to the full list of CNY Approved Sperm Banks.

  • Consultation

    During your consultation, we will review your medical and fertility history and help you determine the best treatment option for your family-building needs.  Additional testing can often be done at your consultation to help facilitate a stronger plan.

  • Your Donor Sperm

    If you are planning on doing an IUI, it is important you purchase “IUI Ready,” sperm for best results. For an IVF, any preparation is okay.

    It’s important that your donor sperm be at CNY prior to the start of your treatment cycle if using a sperm bank. Simply have it shipped directly to the office doing your procedure.

  • Your Treatment

    Donor sperm can be used in both IUI, IVF, and Donor Egg IVF. Whatever your treatment is, our team will seamlessly integrate your donor sperm into the equation.

Choosing Your Sperm Donor

NYS and CNY Approved Sperm Banks

We work with all New York State Approved Sperm Banks. Below you will find a comprehensive list from which you can order your sperm from to have shipped directly to one of our offices.

Featured Sperm Banks

Other NYS Approved Sperm Banks