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An IVF Fertilization Alternative.

What is INVOcell

INVOcell™ is the first Intravaginal Culture (IVC) system granted FDA clearance in the United States.  The Invocell™ is a unique device that allows egg and sperm to fertilize in a small container (about the size of a thumb) within your body.  This allows us to improve the outcomes for fertility in those who have struggled with the idea of the laboratory being in control of the fertilization that naturally occurs in a woman’s body.

For those who have beliefs that do not allow them to utilize standard in vitro fertilization, the opportunity is now here with Invocell™. The Invocell™ at CNY Fertility is an innovative way to build your family when naturally it’s not happening on its own.

What to Expect

How It Works

During the INVO Procedure, the patient undergoes a mild stimulation similar to an IVF Cycle. Once the eggs are retrieved and sperm is collected, they are placed into the INVOcell device, about the size of a thumb. The INVOcell device is immediately placed in the vaginal cavity to naturally incubate the eggs and sperm and to allow fertilization and early embryo development to take place. After incubation for around 3 to 5 days, the device is removed allowing for the transfer of embryos right back to the natural environment.

With the INVO Procedure, the temperature, gas concentration and physiological pH stays stable throughout the incubation period. There is no interference in the vaginal incubation environment which occurs in incubators due to the opening and closing of the incubator doors as well as the cycling of the temperature (thermostat). The INVOcell Culture Device uses the body as a natural incubator making it possible for the INVOcell device to maintain proper pH of the culture medium using the human body temperature and gas concentration throughout the incubation period. The use of the INVOcell Culture Device in the vaginal cavity is a more stable environment than an incubator for temperature and gas stability during fertilization and early embryo development.

Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) can be utilized for this method and embryos can be biopsied and frozen for those who still wish to use those methods, but the real intent is to move towards natural, allowing the body’s own mechanisms and methods to enhance your fertility.



INVOcell Availability

Due to the facts that most people seek out INVOcell for its affordability and that CNY Fertility charges less for IVF with ICSI than it does for INVOcell, we do not keep the INVOcell device in stock at any of our labs. If you pursue INVOcell at CNY it will take several months to coordinate the cycle.