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Patient Portal & Resources

  • Patient Portal

    Your primary hub for communication with our team (all non-urgent matters).  Check out our portal messaging guide. For urgent needs call us at 844-315-2229.

  • Donor Portal

    Your communication hub as an egg donor.

  • Injection Lessons

    Your home for all of your medication injection lessons.

  • Facebook Live

    Every every Sunday night at 8 PM EST for Dr. Kiltz’s Fertile Fireside Chat or Thursday nights at 8 PM EST for Dr. Verdiales’ Spanish Episode to ask your questions or simply listen to these world leaders in fertility medicine.

  • Fertility Supplements

    Get all the top supplements to improve your fertility, CBD, Conception XR Motility Support, Ovavite, and more! Ideally started 3 months or more prior to the start of any treatment.

  • Make a Payment

    Pay your bill easily online here.

  • Fertile Hope Yoga

    Cycle and treatment specific yoga fertility courses. Improve blood flow to your reproductive organs and feel connected with a supportive community as you prepare for and undergo treatment.

  • Genetic Counseling with Integrated Genetics

    Schedule an appointment with a genetic counselor to review your genetic testing results.

  • Support and Events Calendar

    Looking for a way to get involved in our fertile community? Want to come to our Fertility for Yoga classes? Check out our calendar or join our fertile friends program.

  • Become our Client of the Week

    Share your TTC story and be featured on our website and social media to build awareness around infertility and have everyone in our community cheer you on.

  • Share your Success Story

    A huge congratulations on your growing family. Our community would love to hear your story. By doing so you’ll be featured on our website and social media platforms to inspire and encourage others!

  • Donate Remaining Embryos

    Have remaining embryos after successfully expanding your family? Give the greatest gift of all, the gift of life by donate them to a family in need!

  • FAQ

    Potentially . . . answers to every question you’ve ever had.

  • CNY Magazines

    Check out our family building guide and keto magazine!

  • Affiliate Monitoring Facilities

    Are you a travel client looking for a place to have your monitoring done? We got your back!

  • Fertile Friend Program

    Sometimes, you just need a fellow #ttcwarrior to help guide and support your journey. And after you’ve successfully navigated your own journey, you can return the favor and become a mentor!

  • Third Party Donor Egg Banks

    If you’re unable to find an egg donor in our program that suites your needs, we recommend working with a number of our partners.