Fertility Treatment

Embryo Freezing

Embryo Freezing, also known as embryo branking is the process of creating embryos via IVF and subsequently freezing them to less than -321 degrees Fahrenheit.


Why Freeze or Bank Embryos?

Top Reasons to Freeze Embryos

  • IVF

    Part of the goal in many IVF cycles is to produce many embryos (while still being safe).  The idea being the more embryos you end up with the more chances to transfer you will have and the higher odds of pregnancy and live birth.

    Cryopreservation of additional embryos that are not immediately transferred are frozen and stored for later use via a frozen embryo transfer or FET.



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  • Fertility Preservation

    Those looking to start their family at a later time often turn to embryo freezing as it offers better live birth odds than egg freezing along. There are many reasons to freeze your embryos but it is most often done by couples who simply wish to delay childbirth or those undergoing medical treatment that could harm their fertility (ie. chemotherapy). Similarly, many single women chose to do a split egg freezing embryo freeing cycle using donor sperm as embryo freezing indeed has higher success rates.


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