Videos: Meet the CNY Fertility Center Staff
Posted by: Editor on Sep 28, 2010 in News

{{clearboth}} Dr. Rob Kiltz shares a few videos of his staff and himself, at CNY Fertility Center, sharing their passion for the work they do each day as they assist clients in creating the family they’ve always wanted.



One response to “Videos: Meet the CNY Fertility Center Staff”

  1. Carla York-Zimmerman says:

    Thanks for showing us the lab…thats the one area we dont get to see when we come in for procedures! Also loved seeing Wendy on there as well-I was lucky to work with her quite a bit through my journey and she really touched my heart, even sent me a follow up email to check-in with me after a miscarriage…I cant wait to send you all pictures in a few months…currently 25 weeks pregnant with a baby girl who continues to grow and have a strong steady heartbeat that makes me cry every time I hear it!…after the struggles we had to conceive, I am experiencing a blissfully normal, enjoyable pregnancy…so thrilled to be pregnant, but I have to say I miss coming in to cny fertility because the staff is all so wonderful! Thank-you!

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