Video: Yoga, Reiki and Maya Massage for Fertility


Every day, I cannot believe, little old me as a massage therapist how I’ve been able to help people in such profound ways.  You know I wouldn’t say I’m the first line of treatment.  Usually, people find me after they’ve tried A-Z, and I’m usually a last resort; mainly just because people don’t know about it.  It’s not part of mainstream care yet.  {{vspace8}}My name is Erin McCollough.  I work at CNY healing Arts Center.  I do lots of things.  I teach yoga, I am a massage therapist who specializes in Maya Abdominal Massage, as well as Reiki.  I primarily work with men and women working on fertility, and then women as they become pregnant and move into the next phase, so prenatal care.{{vspace8}}Fourteen years ago, I was introduced to yoga.  I had to take a class in college, Phys. Ed. –and it was yoga.  That was my first experience in yoga, but I fell in love right away, and have been practicing ever since.  From my yoga practice, I became a massage therapist.  From my massage career, I learned about a technique called Maya Abdominal Massage where I started specializing and working with people, men and women, with any kind of reproductive health or digestive health concern primarily; that’s what the Maya addresses.  Through my Maya work, what I started noticing is that because we have so much stored in our lower abdomen; emotionally, physically, spiritually, energetically.  I started feeling things beyond this is the belly button, this is a uterus; I started feeling emotions and through that, I knew I had to go deeper.  That led me to learning Reiki.  Reiki is an energy medicine.  I never thought I’d be able to support people in the way that I do with Reiki.  I look forward to every day and I look forward to coming to work.  I look forward to working with people because I know that there’s unlimited potential.  Watching people in that process is such a gift.{{vspace8}}A little bit more of the nuts and bolts of Reiki because we haven’t had that many experiences with it at this point, and more and more people are trying it every day.  More and more it’s becoming more mainstream.  A little bit more than the nuts and bolts, it’s the frequency of energy.  Just like if you were going to turn on the radio and listen to a specific radio station, that’s the sound frequency.  Depending on what station you want, that’s the different frequency of energy.  Reiki is a traditional Japanese healing art, that’s the analogy I like to use with the radio station.  As a Reiki practitioner, I’ve gone through training to be like to be the antenna or the receiver for the radio stations.  So, the energy comes through me to whoever is on the table.  It’s deeply relaxing.  I’m a healing art junkie, so anything new I hear of, I try it.  Beyond anything I’ve tried, I never have relaxed so deeply.  It’s not sleep, it’s truly a depth of consciousness where amazing things have happened and truths come out.  It’s a great place to play.{{vspace8}}I want to talk about yoga.  I think yoga is something that a lot of people are introduced to it, especially at CNY for specific reasons.  For example they come to Yoga for Fertility to enhance physiological processes in their body, or to take a mental vacation.  Or, they come to prenatal yoga to support their bodies as they’re transitioning and all the special things that happen that are part of that process.  Really, introducing yourself to yoga is introducing yourself to a life-long process and practice that you can use to support yourself and nourish yourself, and to learn and grow for your entire life.  Although people come for specific reasons, it ends up being a gift that they find or one of the gifts that they find along the journey.{{vspace8}}On Dr. Kiltz & Working at CNY Fertility:  You never know what’s coming.  He’s a mile a minute.  He’s actually more than a mile a minute.  He’s vibrant, he’s creative, and it’s what he gives to us as his staff and to his clients is inspiring for me to be a better person, really.  I guess to work here, you have to constantly be working on yourself which I enjoy doing, so it’s a good match.  Well, CNY is unique for so many reasons.  One is for Dr. Kiltz’s belief system and it’s really a precedent and he’s light years beyond the norm.  What is unique is that we have the Healing Arts Center so he believes truly in integrative medicine and how that can support someone in their fertility journey.  We all are here and we know everyone’s name.  We go above and beyond for all of our clients and that is inspired by Dr. Kiltz as well.  Every day when I come to work, I have to offer support, love, kind words, and nourishment.  My clients know that I will advocate for them and just make sure that whatever I can do for them creates success.  That’s what I am here for and what I do every day.{{vspace8}}By Erin McCollough, LMT, RYT, Reiki Practitioner
CNY Fertility & Healing Arts Center – Rochester
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