Video: Using Positive Mantras on Your Fertility Journey


Hi!  I’m Lisa Stack the CNY Fertility Support Coordinator.  In addition to my Words of Support and Encouragement article this week, I wanted to give you a supplemental video to help touch on some of the topics that I wanted to drive home.  This week, I’m talking about mantra.  Mantra is a great way to center yourself, and also to redirect yourself from what can be more challenging emotions.  So, if you’re feeling anxious or feeling depressed, feeling worried, or you have those racing questioning thoughts that are aren’t always positive, you can get yourself back to square one.  You can bring yourself back to that quiet, calm, serene place that you want to be.
The book of the month, You Can Heal Your Body, by Louise L. Hay is a great resource for that.  What Louise has done has gone through and created a glossary of all sorts of medical ailments that you could have.  She gives you what she feels is the reason behind it.  Most of them are depending on grief, anger, resentment, and then she gives you a mantra.  I’ll go into this much more when I do the book of the month review this week.  A quick example for anxiety, I am reading it from the book right now–on Page 14, she says, “Anxiety is not trusting the flow and the process of life”.  The mantra that you could use to work through that is, “I love and approve of myself; and I trust the process of life.  I am safe.”  So that’s just a little example and great introduction to the book; but mantras can be used at any time, they can be used for any situations.
They are also really easy to create whenever you feel yourself in that negative cycle of thought.  So, you’re saying, “I’m never going to get pregnant.  I can’t believe I’m infertile.  I can’t do this.  I’ll never get that job.  I’ll never be able to lose the weight.”  Whatever it is, turn it to the positive.  Say, “I am fertile.  My body is doing what it’s supposed to doing.  I am doing everything that I can.  I am OK with where I am right now.”  Bring it to that positive and constantly remind yourself it.  When you feel your mind going to that negative cycle, bring yourself back to that positive mantra.  Say it calmly and slowly.  Breathe in and out with that yoga breath.  It will slow the heart rate and will turn the mind into the positive thinking and redirect you from that constant, negative cycle.
Mantra is a great way to get through any negative situation, and also to help create that situation that you want, that desire that you have.  Mantra can be used at any time.  It can be used with yoga.  It’s great during your appointments when you are feeling anxious during those blood draws; it’s a great time to use those mantras.  If you’d like help coming up with a few, please email me; and I’d be happy to help go over them with you.  I will see you next week!