Video: Infertility Support-Tips for a Good Night's Sleep


Hi!  My name is Lisa Stack and I’m the CNY Fertility Support Coordinator.  I just uploaded a video responding to one of our articles about the importance of sleep while you’re trying to conceive.  A decreased amount of sleep and poor quality sleep has been shown to decrease your fertility, so it’s really important to make sure that you get good, quality sleep and that you feel nice and rested.  The most important hours for sleep are about 12:00-4:00am when the light is at the darkest and our circadian rhythm kind of pushes us into heavy work mode; gets our hormones going, gets us ovulating, gets us regulating our body, and gets us regenerated for the next day.  So, if you’re having challenges sleeping, if you’re facing those challenges, I have a couple of tips for you:
First, you really want a dark room so you can use black out curtains, put up darker sheets, and make sure you shut off as many lights as possible.  You really want that dark room so that your body gets the clue, OK, it’s night time so we really need to get going.
You also want to allow your body to wind down before you fall asleep.  A couple of studies have shown that if you are busy with technology right before you fall asleep, your sleep is not as peaceful as it would have been if you’d had kind of abstained from that.  So, have instituted a no-technology hour before we fall asleep at our house, and it has really worked well.  Instead of being on the computer, TV, our phones we read, we do activities, crafts or something around the house, or take a nice walk outdoors to relax and unwind.  Or, we just talk and hang out instead of focusing on that technology and giving our brains more stimulation that we’ll eventually just have to undo.  So, really stay away from that stimulation.
It’s really important to keep the noise to a minimum.  So, instead of having the TV or music on, try to have that room nice and quiet.  Even though you’re asleep, if there is stimulation such as light or noise, your brain is working and it’ll take you right out of that circadian rhythm and out of that good work that your body would be doing to promote ovulation and promote all that good, healthy hormones.  If you need to have something in the background, maybe invest in a child’s white noise machine.  They’re often used for babies to stimulate noises within the womb, a nice, white loud noise.  If that is helpful to you, try that out; it’d be a little bit better than talk radio or music playing in the background that keeps you too stimulated.
Definitely make sure you stay away from sugars and caffeine, or eat anything too heavy right before you fall asleep, for about an hour before.  Make sure that you’re hydrated, but don’t have anything too sugary because that sugar can keep you up and it can spike up and down as you’re falling asleep and you don’t want that to bother you as well.  Definitely stay away from dairy or any other food intolerances as you may have as that can impact your sleep and make you uncomfortable.
We really want you to create a nice, peaceful sleep ritual so that you can guarantee that you are doing everything that you can and you have a really nice, peaceful sleep ritual so that you can guarantee that you are having a nice, peaceful night of sleep and let your mind and body do its work.  If you’re having any trouble falling asleep after implementing some of these changes, come on into our CNY Healing Arts Centers.  Acupuncture is a great way to help you unwind for sleep.  Yoga is a great way to relax and release some of that tension energy and prepares you for a great night’s sleep.  I always sleep so peacefully after that.  We also have a couple of other techniques that we can help you with and some herbal tonics that will promote sleep as well.  So, remember, it really is important for your fertility to get a good night of sleep, uninterrupted.  Keep the room nice, dark and quiet, the temperature is OK, not too much stimulation before you fall asleep; and hopefully, that will help kind of push you over the level and give you a nice boost in your fertility—and maybe that’s all that you need.  Maybe you just need a couple good nights of sleep and you can get that baby that you’ve always wanted.  So, try it out.  Maybe something new that you can try and work towards.  It’s a good goal to get a good couple of hours at night.  Let us know if you have any challenges, because there’s always something that we can do to help you.
I also offer a monthly meditation to help get you unwound and relaxed before a nice, peaceful night of sleep; so tune in for that.  We also have those meditations on our website so that you can access them at any time.  Let us know if you have any ideas or if you’d like any other help.  I hope you have a great night’s sleep.
Lisa Stack, Support Coordinator