Video: Demystifying the Egg Donation Process at CNY Fertility


Hi!  My name is Lisa Stack and I’m the CNY Fertility Support Coordinator.  I wanted to upload a quick video about the egg donation process.  We’ve had a lot of videos about egg donation, but it’s so important that I wanted to reiterate the process for you in case you have any questions.  If you’re interested in becoming an egg donor, first what I suggest you do is contact our donor coordinator.  They’ll be able to give you log in information or any other information that you may need and any questions that you may have.  
The login information—what you’ll do is use that information to log into the donor portal.  The donor portal contains a survey of various questions regarding your medical, social, family, educational history—really just any questions that we would need or any potential donor egg recipients would need to select you as their donor.  Now, we encourage you to answer all questions as thoroughly as possible because this is how the potential recipients are going to select you.  The best picture that you’ll be able to paint of yourself will be the most beneficial for them.  The donation process is anonymous so they will not receive any of your identifying information; so no phone number, email address, or your regular address.  However, they will have photos of you if you choose to upload those and I do suggest you upload photos because it gives them, again, just a better picture of you and an idea as to the various traits and characteristics that you may pass onto the child that they’re hoping to conceive.  Once you finish this process of completing the survey, you must submit the survey and our donor coordinator will be contacting you soon to set up a phone interview.  
During the phone interview, you will go over any questions that the coordinator may have and that you may have and they’ll also describe the donor process a little bit further; especially the mediations and any surgical procedures that will be required.  However, there are not many surgical procedures required just the egg retrieval, so I’ll get into that in a little bit.  Once you have completed the phone interview, your profile will remain active.  If at any point you don’t want to donate, you can just call the office and let them know and we can take your profile down and you will no longer be in our database.  Once your profile is active, potential donor recipients will be able to use your profile and utilize it in their decision-making process.  If you are selected, we will give you a call, bring you into the office, if it’s an OK time for you to cycle and they will perform some very basic tests.  What we’ll do is an ultrasound to make sure that everything looks OK with your uterus and your ovaries; we’ll also do some blood work.  We have some various hormonal levels that we need to test, but also some FDA blood work to test for infectious diseases.   
Once all of this comes back OK, we can proceed with your cycle.  You’ll be on a few medications during your cycle which will be described to you in great detail throughout your cycle, and we will closely monitor you.  So, you’ll have to come into the office for blood work and ultrasound every 2-3 days while you’re cycling.  We want to make sure that you’re responding well to the medication.  Typically, the medication that we use are Lupron injection and what that does is prevent you from ovulating.  We don’t want you to ovulate too soon before we retrieve the eggs.  That is a small injection.  It is an insulin-sized needle with very minimal side effects.  Some people experience hot flashes or maybe a low headache, but really not much.  Additionally, we will put you on Gonal f or another follicle stimulating medication.  That is also another injection.  What that does is produces greater and larger follicles that you would normally produce.  During a typical cycle, you may only produce 1-2 follicles, but to give the recipient the greatest chance, we want to give you to produce more than the typical.  That’s another injection medication that we’ll monitor closely.  Once we get closer to the time when you are ready and also the recipient is ready, you will have another shot of the smaller injection to trigger ovulation.  Once you’ve ovulated, we will bring you into the office for the egg retrieval.  During the egg retrieval, we will vaginally aspirate the egg and the follicles.  During this procedure, you will be under light IV sedation, so you will not be awake.  It is a very quick procedure, usually takes about 10-15 minutes.  Once you’re done, you can go back home and relax and just rest.  Just take the day nice and easy, but you will not be too out of it and you won’t be in too much discomfort.  
Once you have completed the egg retrieval, your donation process is done.  From that point, the lab takes over and we inseminate the egg with the couple’s preferred sperm source and then we transfer the embryos into the potential mother.  If you have any questions, please let us know.  We love to hear from you, we’d love to include you in this donation process.  We can give you much more information through a phone conversation.  We hope to hear from you.