Video: CNY Fertility Encourages Meditation to Decrease Stress


Hi! I’m Lisa Stack, your CNY Fertility Support Coordinator. I wanted to upload a quick video to tell you a little bit more about our new meditation program that we’ve been using, Circle + Bloom. Circle + Bloom is created by an outside company, and we found that we really enjoy and appreciate the time, the energy, and the care that they put in to creating this wonderful, mindful meditation. Circle + Bloom is specific to each type of cycle; whether you’re doing a natural cycle, or an IUI or an IVF. They have programs for a healthy pregnancy, and just general energy and empowerment. What they’ve done, especially with the IUI and IVF cycle, which I’ll be speaking about specifically, they take every two days of your cycle, and give you a different meditation to utilize. So, they are about 15-20 minutes long, and you can download it on the computer, you can throw it on your iPod, your iPhone, however you can access it. It walks you through a great meditation. Joanne, the woman’s voice is just so soothing and calming and very steady. She walks you through great visualizations, she lets you get in tune with what’s going on in your body right at that moment, what you should be thinking about, what you should be visualizing or working towards. It helps you to just relax.
I know that I sometimes find it challenging to just slow my mind down and slow down those thoughts—this takes away that pressure, it takes away the energy that you need to use sometimes to really meditate and focus, and slow down because she does it for you. All you have to do is listen, imagine the visualizations, really just place yourself in a comfortable position, and she takes care of the rest. I really feel that this would be beneficial to just about everyone’s cycles because we all need to relax a little bit more. Knowing that it is catered specifically to each of thosedays, really is important. She really caters it to where you are. It’s not just you should be relaxing because you’re getting ready for this cycle or you should be getting ready to relax for this cycle for a transfer of an IUI, she takes you through a visual of a representative of exactly what is happening in your body. I especially recommend the meditation for your transfer. She recommends it before and after the transfer, which I completely agree with. I think it’d be great to just welcome those beautiful embryos or the sperm for your IUI into a nice, calm, welcoming environment and a warm, loving, nurturing environment. This will help place you there, especially when you are in the busy office and it’s hard to relax. You’re still in a medical practice, even though we try to make it as warm and welcoming as possible, there still is some anxiety that can arise. So, if you can bring this on your iPod or however you can listen to it, if you can bring this to the office or listen on the way there or listen to it in the waiting room, this will help you zone everything else out, get rid of all the other distractions and the worries and just focus on the self. Enjoy the experience of the IUI transfer and then at the time when we have you’re just waiting for the 15-20 minutes before you get up and leave, listen to it again. Let it help you focus and center and really get in touch with what’s happening with that inner self, inner voice, and inner quiet.
If you have any questions, or would like to hear any more about it, please let me know. I really do recommend the Circle + Bloom. There is a minimal fee that you can go on, you can also go on and download the sample. I will be writing an article about it, so I’ll have all the information there and a link to the website. I hope you try it out. I hope this will be a good meditation for you because it helps guide you, as opposed to just prompting you to meditate on your own. So, let me know what you think. If you have any questions or if would like to get in touch with Circle + Bloom, let me know and I can help put you in touch with Joanne and the other great people there. I hope you enjoy it. Happy meditating!