Video: CNY Fertility Celebrates National Adoption Awareness Month


Hi, I’m Lisa Stack, your CNY Fertility Support Coordinator, and I wanted to upload a quick video because November is National Adoption Awareness Month.  We have many patients that are, unfortunately, unable to conceive through our services.  Also, many patients kind of reached a point where they feel that they’ve exercised all of their possibilities and they don’t feel like cycling anymore, they are ready to be a parent in a different capacity than they had originally planned.  However you reach that point, it’s wonderful, it’s perfect, and it’s yours.  It’s something to embrace.  Many of our patients feel that adoption isn’t something that they want to be exposed to or something that they want to discuss in the beginning of their cycles and when they’re first starting and we completely understand that.  We respect that and we accept that as well.
If it’s later on and you’re cycling, and you’ve done many cycles, and it’s this little bit of an idea in the back of your mind, it’s something to explore.  We hope that you move forward and you ask us if there’s anything that we can do for you.   We’d love to help in any way possible.  We have certain staff members that have successfully adopted beautiful and wonderful families, and they love their motherhood, and they love their families that they have created.  Their children are healthy and happy and they love the family that they are in.  We also have many patients that have gone through the foster to adopt and adopt program while they are cycling, we have pursued both avenues.  They’ve found it to be very fulfilling and satisfying, and they’ve also created very beautiful families.  So adoption is a wonderful process and a great option out there.   If you feel like it’s not for you, don’t worry about it.  I know a lot of people feel guilty if they feel like they’re not ready to take that step or if they’re willing to look in that direction.  There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.  If adoption is for you, that’s a wonderful avenue and that’s a wonderful opportunity to explore.
I will be posting more information throughout the month.  I will have some more articles and a couple of resources to place up on our website for you.  If you have any questions, I do have a bit of information regarding some agencies that our patients have utilized and they have good results for.  Also, on our CNY Healing Arts discussion forum, there is an adoption option part of the board.  You can find patients there who are actively looking through different adoption programs and pursuing the foster to adopt or adopt or just strictly fostering options.  They’ve had some great stories, they have great feedback.  It’s a really nice companion area for you if you’re looking into this mode of parenting.  So please let us know.  Best of luck if you are pursuing adoption services.  We hope that you accomplish the family that you’ve always wanted and that you can spread your love, the way we know you want to.  Best of luck.
Please visit our Adoption Resource Page for more information.