Power, Freedom, and Grace: Living from the Source of Lasting Happiness By Deepak Chopra


For the month of November, Dr. Kiltz has chosen Power Freedom and Grace as our Book of the Month.  This book is a quick and accessible read, focusing on revealing our true selves.  Chopra believes that the root of all of our desires is to be happy, and we are often to blame for our unhappiness.  He has broken the process of experiencing power, freedom, and grace into three parts:

  • The Problem: Not knowing who we are
  • The Prescription: Remembering who we are
  • The Practice: Experiencing who we are

I have taken a few excerpted key points for you to consider, and I hope they offer some insight to the potential this book holds as a tool for your happiness.

  • Happiness is the goal of all goals, and it’s a state of consciousness that already exists within you. (p. 12)
  • When your life is an expression of your inner happiness, you feel a sense of connection to the creative power of the universe.  Having that connection, you feel that you can accomplish anything you desire. (p. 12)
  • You participate in creating your reality by interpreting your sensory experience.  The world is a construct of your own interpretations.  (p.  58)
  • The key to lasting happiness is to identify with the unchanging essence of your inner self, your source.  Then you no longer look for happiness because you know that you already have it.  (p.  102)
  • More important than a positive mind is a silent mind.  A silent mind is a nonudgemental, nonanalytical, nonintertretive mind.  (p. 102)
  • When you remember your true nature, you return to the memory of wholeness, and you are healed.  (p. 138)
  • To experience and practice power:
  1. Spend time in silent communication with your soul.
  2. Pay attention to the qualities of pure consciousness.
  3. Never stop asking questions.  (p. 161)
  • To experience and practice freedom:
  1. Practice life-centered, present-moment awareness.
  2. Observe your addictive behaviors without judgment.
  3. Transcend your fear of the unknown.  (p.  184)
  • To experience and practice grace:
  1. Listen to your body’s wisdom.
  2. Maintain inner-body awareness at all times.
  3. Pay attention to the rhythms and cycles of your body-mind. (p. 205)

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