Making Mistakes


Good morning, good morning, it’s Dr. Rob Kiltz. How are you doing today? It’s another awesome and amazing day in the universe–today, right now, this day–for you, for everything. In the confines of your universe, and imagine that the confines are exponential, global, worldly—let us place our thoughts and ideas on global love, universal love, local love, as the master James Allen (As A Man Thinketh) says, each day you play in thought, God’s love is upon you.
This is a global opportunity for creativity. We are the global creators. Each day we sit still and visualize, imagine, and create. Hard is hard. And everything that you and I experience is actually easy, although it often feels hard. Whatever it took to bring you and me to creativity and life force (“the force”), and we are that force, that energy. We are that amazing entity called life. Life is within us, in us, of us. All life out there exists in here. Simple. Easy. Slam dunk, amazing. You and I are the gift of the universe, and God’s love is within each of us. Thank you, God for the day, for this way, and for all things in our lives. How easy is that?
The breath and smile of life is love–your vibration and your thinking this day and every day. Sit still and know that thy are God, and God is within each and every one of us as we journey on the rainy, sleety, slushy, cold, frigid, hot, dry, bumpy, rough, smooth, windy, curvy, dead-ends, straightaways, narrow arrow life-force, you and I are that.
How can each of us unfold a way, a day to change our lives? We are the powerhouse of the universe. WE are responsible for the Ferrari, the Porsche, the Bentley, the Yugo, the Ford, the Chevy, or whatever you think it is, it is. I am. You are. We are. One. Faith in God. Love. And by the grace of God go I, this day and every day. By the grace of God go I, this day and every day. By the grace of the creative nature of the universe, here you are. And it might be for a flash, a blink, a month, a year, a decade, longer, shorter, up or down, it’s all part of the journey. We are all here for but a moment to share, to learn, to live, to be of a creative nature.
You are the Ferrari. You are an expensive automobile. Irreplaceable, and I’m sure you’re not ready to put it into the junk yard and recycle it into the universe, so how are you going to feed the Ferrari? Fat is where it’s at. It’s the fattest fuel you can imagine. You must shift and change it up. I know this doesn’t make sense. But where did we get the sense we should eat 3 to 5 meals a day and get on a racetrack and run around? That doesn’t make sense either. You and I are the powerhouse, the life-force.
Perfect exists right where you’re at and in everything you have in your life. Mine is perfect. Yours is perfect. Life and love are perfect, so perfect. What’s the right thing to eat? Well, you can eat anything and believe all of the “super-marketing” about all of the stuff that’s good and bad for you. You must imagine that your Ferrari is perfect as it is. You need lots of fresh air, a little bit of water, and a lot less food. Variety is the spice of poison, death, and disease. Narrow as an arrow. Limit what put into your body and remember that your body burns fat. It’s fat it wants. Give it fat! Give it the fantastic fuel. Give it ATP, which comes from Acetyl-CoA. You don’t need to take the supplements. That which you put into your mouth is digested into its components.
You may have a Ferrari ready for a racetrack, but you’re best to just go slow. That’s the flow. That’s the way of the universe, the perfect nature of all things. It happens in every way you can imagine. So simple! So amazing, so easy, and so friendly. What an amazing life! Go straight as an arrow, be narrow, and enjoy thy life. Enjoy the trials, tribulations, the ups, the downs, the curves, the twists, but slow it down to life-speed.
Love thy neighbor, thy friends, thy enemies, thyself, thy-everything. It’s through God’s love. And JC, Muhammed, Lao Tzu, Buddha, Abraham . . .all of the great sages who have spoken the words, they’re there. We humans work in mysterious ways. God works in mysterious ways. All things work in mysterious ways. When we come up with thoughts and ideas of what they are, in fact, we are making that up too.
In the moment of life, this moment for you . . . what are you reading, thinking, enjoying, creating, painting, singing, dancing, writing, making jewelry, pottery, furniture or a house? Your house is the house. Your Ferrari, your fantastic human body, this is it! How are you going to treat it? Be kind to yourself and kind to others. Eliminate alcohol and drugs. Stop abusing your body with excessive exercise or “exorcisms”. Take it all to the next level of the universe. God is the best you and I have. This and every day, He knows what He is doing. He is one your side, with the life-force, with love, faith, harmony, happiness, joy, and kindness. The kind master is within you. You are the kind master.
We all have a story to tell about what’s good, bad, right, wrong, easy, hard, and why we could or couldn’t do something, and who’s to blame for our problems. Quite often we look to our parents, teachers, someone who abused us, used us, hurt us. But imagine that we are responsible for all things that happened to us in our lives. Maybe all things that happen are part of the goodness of God’s energy. Maybe even that abuse, use, harm and hurt is God’s creativeness for opening up and unfolding the amazing parts of who we are so we can live a more fantastic, amazing, great, perfect live. Remember the life force is with each of us every day, always. The life force is with each of us every day, always, in God’s way. Thank you, God for the day.
Breath and smile. Start the day. Write it down: “Thank you God for the day.” Pushing, shoving, moving, holding, sticking, unsticking, tearing, ripping, breaking, creating, loving, faithing, fostering . . . whatever you’re doing, show it off! Share it with the world. Open up. Learn how we can each do it better. Please forgive me for my faults and mistakes. If I’ve hurt or harmed anyone, please forgive me. It was wrong of me. This is the daily journal. The daily intention and inspiration. We are the inspiration of the day. Start the day with “Thank you God for the day. For this day and this way.” We learn from the masters who have shared their lives, ideas, hope, sadness, happiness, joy, jubilation, hurt, and harm. But a moment we exist in this universe of life. From the moment we are born, we have the capability of creating everything. Whether we look upon the world with love or hate, right or wrong, easy or hard, that is OUR choice. It is our choice to be the capable one. We are the capable one. We each are capable of creating the everything, the nothing, the easy, the hard, the wondrous, the wow. Be open to the possibilities of your life.
Listen to Joel Osteen, Deepak Chopra, Eckhart Tolle, Tony Robbins, and Jack Canfield. The number of people who have shared ideas and thoughts to help us in our journey of the day are infinite. Whether you’re Paleo, neo, vegan, vegetarian, omnivorous, carnivorous, perfect, flawed, good or bad, right or wrong, easy or hard, whether you stay in the lines or travel outside the lines, somehow, it’s all part of the universe and meant to be.
Just sharing some thoughts and ideas in the day. God’s love is upon you this day. Be well, be easy, be good, be bad, be love of life. The lifeforce here today with you this day in all thy way. Breath and smile.
What are you reading? What are you listening to? What are you writing? What are you thinking? Prosperity is with you all these days, for all thy way, for the prosperous man, woman, child, adolescent, adult, teen, pre-teen, elderly. Life is not to remember the past, but to live in the present moment. To create thy future. Who and what we are is the creativeness of the universe. Change is always upon us. Whether it’s a change in our body, our immediate environment, or whether we are changing what we think of yesterday or our imagination of tomorrow. Remember, what we think of yesterday, is only the thoughts of the now moment, the present moment as Eckhart Tolle shared in The Power of Now. If I think yesterday was terrible or awesome and amazing, remember, good or bad, it’s but what I think it is right now in the now. We are in the now moment. The amazing, fantastic, great, wow, life moment.
As a man thinketh, a man creates and a man grows. Life grows. Life knows. God knows. Great is the flow. Thank you, God for this awesome and amazing day. Where do each of us go this day in the flow of life? Well, wherever you think you go!
Remember, the body is the Ferrari. Travel at the speed limit or less. It’s best to slow it down, to meditate, to visualize. Put the most expensive, pristine fuel into your body. You can’t afford not to! Sugar, carbs, and excessive protein are bad, and you must up the natural fats (nature’s fat, animal fat, butterfat, cream). If you’re on the low fat/ no fat diet. Well that’s the dying with that plan. Bacon, eggs, butter, beef is the best diet in the universe. The best food plan, the Lion Plan. I call it the baby plan. Bacon, eggs, butter, beef, BAM! Baby. Well, maybe it’s going to put you back into your baby-ness, lifeness, healthiness, joyness, happiness, faithness, fostering, hisness.
Here I am playing with words on my easy drive to work. As I was driving to work –Skaneateles to Syracuse – at 3:45 to 4:00. At one point there was a deer in the road, but as I’m going 40 in a 55 zone, and the deer is running right on the center line. Suddenly, it wasn’t there. It’s there and now it’s gone. You stay in the lines and he stays on his line. Remember, we are all going to hit something. Because the universe is meant to bring things and lifeforces together. We’re all just lifeforces meant to come together in collisions of the universe. The microscopic energy particles have a force that attracts and repels. In a moment, in a flash, you saw it, then you didn’t. It’s gone. It comes. It goes. You’re born. You die. The opportunity is the center point called life. Wherever you’re at, it’s perfect. That’s where yoga, meditation and tai chi are helpful. If you’re going for a run, slow it down. Walk it, but visualize and imagine the perfect nature of life.
Something will happen to each of us. We will breakdown, that’s the nature of the universe. You’re meant to breakdown. Your meant to die. You’re meant to go back into the energy pool of the universe. Recycled. That is the nature of the universe. God always knows. Whether it’s stroke, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, or something else, it will get us. But let’s not speed up the experience of death. Let’s go slow and imagine the perfection in death and eternal life. The life potion. The life moves. The life ways, the life day. You and I are the lifeday, the lifeway. You and I are the fantastic way.
If you fear something, that means you should have faith in it, in our future, in life. These are God’s moments. This day and every day, God always knows what He’s doing, She’s doing, It’s doing, life’s doing, in life’s way. So, thank you, God, for this day, for the energy of the universe, for that which you have given me this day as I sing, dance, share God’s love.
Enjoy this day. This is Dr. Rob Kiltz. Mind Body Smile. It’s another awesome and amazing day. God bless to you!

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