Increasing the Odds


Enhancing Reproductive Wellness through Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine is a A CNY Fertility Center Workshop to be presented by Warren MacNaughton, LAc, MSOM, MA on Thursday, June17th from 6pm-7:30pm at our CNY Fertility Center, Latham, NY Office location. This workshop is offered at no cost. We will meet in the Reception Area, please sign up by calling CNY Healing Arts (518) 724-5750. Read the Acupuncture for Fertility section of The Fertile Secret.
Workshop Description:
Join Warren for an informative night exploring the benefits of Oriental Medicine for women and men seeking fertility assistance and reproductive wellness.   Tap into the resources and insights of a three thousand year old medical tradition and learn how Oriental Medicine may assist your reproductive wellness and complement your current regimen.
•    Part 1 – The Basics—What is Acupuncture/Oriental Medicine and how does it work? How do “yin” and   “yang” pertain to the body and just what is “chi” anyway?
•    Part 2 – Establishing a Diagnosis—Learn your diagnosis according to the Traditional Chinese Medical perspective and what your subsequent treatment strategy should be.   Whether you face the difficulties of PCOS or endometriosis… suffer from poor sperm morphology or motility… have a history of miscarriages… or deal with the frustration of unexplained infertility… Oriental Medicine will put a new name to your condition which reflects your overall constitution and provides you new avenues to utilize as you move past the blockages that have prevented success in the past.
•    Part 3 – Embracing the Treatment Strategy—A discussion of dietary and lifestyle changes that can further assist the pace and success of correcting imbalances in the body that may be contributing to fertility blockages.
•    Part4 – Diving In—How and when to use acupuncture with the best results for each patient.  A discussion of the use of pre and post IVF Transfer/IUI treatments—what to expect and what they are intended to do.  How to couple acupuncture treatments with your western medical procedures and protocols.  Further discussion of utilizing acupuncture and herbal therapy as a primary course of action in preparation for, and as an alternative to medically assisted techniques.
“No matter where you are at on your path to fertility, utilizing acupuncture and oriental medicine is like having another helpful hand to hold to keep you from stumbling on the way to your destination.  I gladly welcome all who wish to join us for a fun and informative night.”
—Warren MacNaughton, Master of Science in Oriental Medicine