Fully Fertile: A Holistic 12 – Week Plan for Optimal Fertility


Fully Fertile: A Holistic 12 – Week Plan for Optimal Fertility
Tamara Quinn, Elizabeth Heller & Jeanie Lee Bussell
This month, we explored a wonderfully applicable book, Fully Fertile. This is a 12 – week program that is designed to holistically improve your fertility, and overall health.  This is a great resource for anyone just beginning his or her fertility journey, or feeling the need to reconnect with their intention and start fresh.
This month, instead of pulling specific ideas, I have selected helpful exercises instead:
Ama Cleanse
A regular yoga practice will begin to help you dispel both physical and mental toxins.  Try this safe, simple 7-day cleanse technique from the yogic medical science of Ayurveda to speed the detoxification of your body systems.  Ama is a sticky byproduct of poor digestion and toxic living.  Ama can cause weakness and inefficiency in our metabolic processes and when left unchecked can begin to cause full-on disease.  A combination of yoga asana, a healthy diet (see Week 3), and this 7-day cleanse can help to remove ama from the system.
Sip very hot lemon water frequently throughout the day to dissolve ama.
-Water should be very hot (need to blow on it to drink).
– Squeeze a bit of fresh lemon juice into the water.
– Sip about every 30 minutes (frequency is more important than quantity).
– Drinking 3-4 times a day is not enough – use a large thermos and drink every 30 minutes throughout the day.
Continue this practice for 7 days.  This cleanse can be repeated monthly as needed. (p.  62)
Practicing Universal Law
There are seven major ways we can begin to practice these laws (Universal Laws) and bring positive change in our lives.  They are as follows:

  1. Change your attitude.
  2. Be aware of ego attachments and the label you give yourself.
  3. Be prayerful and express gratitude every single day.
  4. Practice giving and selfless service.  Expect nothing in return.
  5. Go out of your mind.  You create your own reality and often your mind can be your enemy.
  6. Surrender to the flow of the universe.
  7. Remember you are not your body or your mind.  You are the Witness.  You are Spirit. (p. 209)

This book can be purchased in any of our CNY Fertility Locations, as well as online at our webstore: http://cnyfertility.com/store/Fully-Fertile-Quinn-Heller-and-Bussell.html