Dr. Rob's Monthly Tele-Workshop with Kristen Magnacca: Change Your Flavor


Monday, February 21st, 6:30pm please join Kristen for this complimentary tele-workshop on keeping your love strong while creating your family. Your mind might automatically think of your romantic love but this discussion will include creating a system to connect with the loving creative energy inside your own self. Email questions to Kristen and RSVP to Kristen@cnyfertility.com
Change your Flavor!
We all have a favorite ice cream flavor or favorite sweet indulgence that just does it for us, a little pick me up on those days that we have a dip in energy or desire.
Recently during a women’s group, that was held in my office, we played the game The Wish http://www.thewish8.com/ and one of the ladies picked a card during the game that said “Change your Flavor” and she immediately began sharing her favorite ice cream flavor.
But what if this tiny white card wasn’t about food, but about changing the flavor of your life?
February is the month of LOVE!!  And I would like to ask you to change your flavor for this month. This concept of change your flavor is in the same genre of “intention and nurturing” but more about living in LOVE all month.  I’m referring to self-love.
Fertility is about creative power and energy.   Whether you’re creating a sculpture, a new look, a home, a beautiful dinner, a garden, a new job or a family.  The energy behind creation is all the same wavelength and creative energy is high in vibration, in my opinion, of the highest vibration because in creating there is a moment when the idea or concept that we had swirling in our mind becomes into form and is manifested in concrete form.
Using the analogy of making dinner… you have an idea of what dish you’re going to create and then you take action steps (the stop at the grocery store) to pick up what you need to create the dish and then you take more action in creating the dinner by chopping, stirring, sautéing and cooking the ingredients.
When completed the senses smell, taste and see what began as your idea, unseen in your mind but intended.
Sometimes, during fertility treatments, the organic flow of creation gets challenged.    The process shifts and or interrupted or completely altered. But the underlying intention or idea is the same, creation.
The change in flavor happens when the idea is hard wired internally and the process is changed and we judge ourselves because of the changes.
This month, the month of love, I want to ask you to hold onto your desire, the creation of your heart’s desire and change your flavor.
Focus on loving yourself fully.  Do you love yourself fully? Warts and all?
I am going out on a limb here and sharing with you a very personally happening.  When I was traveling with my family to California, I was wearing flip-flops and my husband accidently dropped a very heavy suitcase on my big toe.  Well, the big toe lost its nail and is a bit deformed now.  My family has taken to calling my big toe the Freak Toe and when I am barefoot there is a great commotion to cover it up!
I judged this part of my body inadequate now even though each and every day it holds me up in balanced.  One day I decided that I would send my toe love and comment on how appreciate all that the toe does for me!  Strange maybe.  And you know what the toenail grew back and although it is still a bit different than before it’s healed.
You might be thinking okay lady what does changing my flavor; your freak toe and fertility have in common?  There is a theme really, and the theme or connection is coming from love does change all things.
So, I am asking you for this month to pick your personal freak toe and send it love.  Change your flavor by showing appreciation for yourself because at the end of the day, truly love yourself is all that is needed to feel whole and worthy of your hearts desire.
A man or woman without ambition is dead. A man or woman with ambition but no love is dead. A man or woman with ambition and love for his/her blessings here on earth is ever so alive.~Pearl Bailey