Dr. Kiltz utilizes communication technology in his practice
Posted by: Editor on Sep 16, 2009 in News

Yesterday Dr. Kiltz utilized modern communication technology at his Syracuse CNY Fertility Office to bring together a husband and wife during an embryo transfer. The woman underwent the procedure in Syracuse and the husband was in Singapore. WOW! Modern technology!


Video transcription:

Hi Dr. Rob,
I’m talking about new technology in the Universe. Today we performed a transfer, live, 1 client. The woman had an embryo transfer performed here at CNY Fertility Center in Syracuse while the husband was in Singapore. We used a live Skype conversation, iPhone to iPhone. We were able to send a picture of those embryos to the husband, live. Meaning he was listening to us and seeing the pictures helping make that mutual decision and sending love and support to his wife. Then we also included a live video of the entire interaction.

With blessings from the Universe each and every day. This technology helps us to connect and all be one.

God bless,
Dr. Rob.

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