Creating Your Eastern Medical Team


art_lotus_A few months ago I felt a lot of pain on my right side.  It felt like every movement made it worse.  I had an ultrasound done at CNY Fertility and they found a large cyst on my right ovary.  Due to the size of the cyst I had the option to have it aspirated, but I was unsure that an aspiration was exactly what I wanted.  Instead I decided to walk over to CNY Healing Arts ( to try and take care of it a bit more naturally.
I gathered my Eastern Medical team as I call them, and went to work on the cyst.  It started with a TON of fluids, took all of my herbs and vitamins from Heather in Rochester, and a bit of a change in my diet, as my Qi (chi) was off.  I also had a couple acupuncture sessions with Donald (he is wonderful!) and yoga with Kim (she is wonderful too!) both from Syracuse.  While this journey was a bit longer and more intensive than having the cyst drained, it was completely fulfilling and satisfying the moment we did another ultrasound and discovered that the cyst was almost completely gone within two weeks.
I’m happy to say my little experiment worked, and the pain was gone.  It took a bit of work, meditation, and some good attention from my favorite practitioners, but it worked.  This is just one of the many stories out there about the benefits of Eastern Medicine and wisdom. I would also like to point out that this isn’t my first success story with alternative medicine.  I have used it to either cure or maintain headaches, anxiety, depression, PCOS and other fertility issues such as uterine lining.  I want to encourage all of you to create your own Eastern Medical Team like I have, not to replace CNY Fertility, but to supplement it.  You would be amazed by the power your body holds, and the beauty that can come out of a little work and time spent with yourself.
If you have any questions about my experiences at CNY Healing Arts or how I have found it beneficial, please don’t hesitate to contact me.  I am completely open to sharing!
I also want to add that we have many great practitioners at CNY Healing Arts, but I am a creature of habit and once I started with Donald and Kim in Syracuse and Heather in Rochester, I didn’t want to change a good thing!  I suggest you try all of the practitioners until you find a combination that works best for you.
As always, be good to yourself and know that we are always here,