BMI & Infertility

By CNY Fertility Updated on

While it is true that we turn no one away from any treatment weight issues can lead to infertility.

However, what you are about to hear might not be exactly what you are expecting. It is often assumed that the negative effect of weight on fertility is a one-way road and that being overweight is the only thing that can affect your fertility.  Interestingly, however, being underweight (with a BMI of less than 19) can be equally damaging to your fertility.

In fact, it is not obesity that is the issue. Obesity is really just a symptom of those that are putting the wrong nutrients in the wrong amount into their body. The real issue is the internal environment and systemic inflammation caused by the Standard American Diet.

Because the actual issue is not your weight, but the food you are fueling your body with making improvements to your fertility may be easier than you think.  It won’t require you losing or gaining weight, it requires you to improve your diet by eliminating carbohydrates and fueling your body with fat. It is therefore recommended that all of our clients follow the Ketogenic Diet.

By improving what you put in your body and eliminating the systemic inflammation that wreaks havoc on your reproductive organs you can improve your overall fertility and expect a higher “chance of success.”