Traveling to CNY Fertility from Canada

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Traveling to CNY Fertility from Canada

As the most affordable fertility clinics in the United States, many patients travel to CNY Fertility from Canada each year for IVF, IVF with Sex/Gender Selection, Donor Eggs, Egg Freezing, reproductive immunology, and more.  While traveling across borders for fertility treatment may sound onerous, the close proximity of several of our locations to the border (Buffalo and Albany NY) and our one-of-a-kind travel program makes the travel process extremely easy and is supported by a large and well-versed travel nursing team. 

This article will explain the reasons why patients travel from Canada for treatment, lay out the entire process, and help you with getting started on your fertility travel journey!

Why Patients Travel to CNY for Fertility Treatment from Canada

As mentioned above, patients travel to our CNY Fertility offices for many reasons.  Even with the cost of travel included, many of our Canadian patients save thousands by making the short fertility travel trip.  In addition, we offer certain services that aren’t available in Canada like gender selection.  

Our Prices

While many Canadians may receive financial assistance towards in vitro fertilization treatment (depending on the province you live in), there are eligibility and coverage limits for each area.  For example, the Ontario province provides coverage for one IVF treatment, but only if you are under the age of 43.  There are additional coverage cost limits as well.  

If your province doesn’t provide coverage, you don’t fit within the restrictions, or you have already used up your coverage, private IVF treatment in Canada can be very expensive.  The average treatment cost is between $10,000 and $20,000 and may not be all-inclusive.  When you dive deeper into the real cost of IVF you may find that it is even more expensive than advertised.  

In the spirit of full transparency and out of fairness to our patients, we publish all of our pricing directly online.  An IVF cycle at our clinic costs $4,500 and includes the retrieval and anesthesia, ICSI and assisted hatching, one fresh transfer, and cryopreservation of remaining embryos. We are one of the most affordable fertility clinics in the United States and our prices are usually 2-3 times less than the price of treatment in Canada.

Check out our sample payment calculator below to get an accurate estimate of what your intended treatment will cost.  Use the toggle menu on the left to add on different treatments and other costs like medications.

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Sample Payment Calculator: Self Pay Pricing
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The above calculation is for simulation purposes only. It is reflective of self-pay pricing, includes highly variable estimates paid to CNY and third parties, and national averages obtained through internal research, FertilityIQ, ASRM, and Resolve. Billing through insurance will likely result in substantially different fees. CNY Fertility does not warrant or guarantee any price for services conducted or rendered by a third party and recommends everyone obtain written estimates from any medical facility involved in your treatment as well as verification of coverage from your insurance company prior to beginning treatment.

Even with the cost of travel, which is usually minimal especially for our patients traveling within driving distance, patients can save thousands.  We work to make every portion of the process as affordable as possible, we even have partnerships and discounted rates with local hotels should you need to spend a few days in the area.  


In an effort to make fertility care as accessible and affordable as possible, we also offer in-house payment plans.  Any treatment that is completed at our clinics can be financed.  Our payment plans are extremely unique in that they do not require a credit check.  In short, anyone and everyone are eligible to enroll in our payment plans.  

At CNY Fertility, we are used to seeing many self-pay clients so we make the process simple.  Click here to learn more about our payment plans compared to others, IVF financing options, and loans. 

Our Expertise

At CNY Fertility we take a unique approach to treatment.  We treat patients based on their individual test results, fertility history, medical and family history, and more to create an individualized treatment plan that the patient and doctor are equally comfortable with.  We don’t batch cycles or work off a stringent set of protocols, we consider patient input and work to treat you as a person and not a number. 

Our team of fertility specialists are experts at treating the underlying causes of infertility like inflammation and conditions that are known to impact fertility like Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) and endometriosis.  They have helped to bring over 20,000 babies into the world and combined they represent more than 250 years of fertility care experience. 

Convenience for Fertility Travel

We have three locations that offer IVF services within a few hours drive of the Canadian border (our Buffalo office is less than a half-hour away).  Our travel program is well designed to be as convenient as possible. We have established an entire travel team to assist and manage most of your cycle remotely so you can remain in Canada for about 90% of your treatment.  You can complete all your preliminary testing and monitoring office visits right at home. 

Traditional travel fertility programs require patients to be away from home and work for 2-3 weeks at a time.  Most of our procedures allow you to travel back home the next day or within 2-7 days depending on how far you’re traveling from

Gender Selection

Gender selection is illegal in Canada except to prevent a gender-linked disorder or disease.  At CNY Fertility, we understand that many families wish to know the sex of their future child for a number of reasons, for example, family balancing.  

We offer gender selection and additional genetic testing services in conjunction with the IVF process.  

Donor Eggs

The laws surrounding egg donation are very different between Canada and the United States.  Compensation is very limited for egg donors in Canada so many women choose to come to the United States to donate eggs.  Since compensation is much more streamlined for egg donation in the United States, there are commonly many more donors available.

At CNY Fertility, we host our own internal donor egg IVF program.  We offer an extensive donor egg program that offers both frozen eggs and fresh eggs.  All donors are young fertile females that have been screened for the top 20 most highly genetic-related diseases and selected based on guidelines of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine.  

Getting Started As a Travel Patient – Virtual Consultation

We’ve made getting started with our clinics as easy as possible for our travel patients.  Consultation appointments are held remotely over the phone or even virtually through skype or zoom so there is no need to travel for your first appointment.  

To schedule a consultation, click here and complete our online consultation form.  After completing your consultation form, you will receive an email to finish setting up your consult.  You can also call us to schedule your consult at +1 (315) 469-8700.

After your consult is scheduled, you will be granted access to our patient portal.  Once in the portal, you will complete patient history forms, upload medical and past treatment records, and more so that our team can review your information ahead of time in preparation for your consult.  

You will also be enrolled in our new patient newsletter.  The newsletter includes information about our clinics, updates, and also provides information to help improve your fertility before your first appointment.  Our newsletters include information on fertility supplements, eating a fertility diet, yoga for fertility, and much more!

Begining Treatment – Monitoring

After your consultation, our travel team will provide you with an ultrasound/bloodwork order that you take to your local clinic for monitoring appointments.  Some patients from Ontario choose to travel to Buffalo for all of their monitoring appointments.  Monitoring at our clinics costs $995 for all bloodwork and ultrasound appointments.  

During monitoring, your local clinic will fax us the results and our travel team will analyze them to make appropriate treatment recommendations regarding medications and when to schedule your next appointment so we can safely and effectively time your procedure.  

Cycle monitoring appointments can be done near you with a local medical facility. We provide an ultrasound/bloodwork order that you take to your local clinic. They send us the results and, after analyzing them, we call you with updates, next steps, and tell you when to schedule your next monitoring appointment.

Crossing the Border for Fertility Travel – The Procedure(s)

How long you will need to spend in the area for your fertility treatment depends on the procedure you are having done and how far you are traveling from.  Our closest IVF clinics to the border are in Buffalo, Syracuse, and Albany.  Patients undergoing IVF treatment are required to be in the area for both the retrieval and transfer.  For many patients, traveling home the same day may be feasible.  For others, staying in the area for 5-7 days may make more sense.  

Regardless, crossing the border for treatment is quite simple and if necessary we can provide you with documentation indicating you are required to travel into the United States for, or are traveling back to Canada after, medical treatment.  

Click here for additional information on fertility travel

Post Procedure Care

After your procedure, you will remain in our care for approximately 6-8 weeks.  You won’t be fully discharged until we are confident your pregnancy is appropriately established.  During this time we will continue to provide you with ultrasound and blood orders while managing any remaining medication protocols.

Final Words

We welcome all of our neighbors to the north to schedule a consultation and speak with our providers about your fertility treatment options.  We offer a wide range of fertility treatments at our clinics and we would be happy to help you on your fertility journey!  In addition to potentially saving thousands, you will also receive the highest standard of care and benefit from the expertise of our experienced staff.  

We hope you found this article informative and if you still have questions, message us on Facebook or Instagram!