Mini-IVF: What is It and Why Should I Try It?


If you have any questions about Mini-IVF or any other fertility treatment we offer at CNY Fertility Center, please call us (toll free 800-539-9870) for an initial consultation and we can discuss your options. We are conveniently located in Syracuse, Albany and Rochester.
What is it?
Regarding general methods used during treatment, Mini-IVF, also known as Micro-IVF, is actually very similar to traditional in vitro fertilization.As with IVF, doctors will monitor a patient throughout the cycle, retrieve eggs, fertilize the egg and sperm in a laboratory, and transfer the embryo.
The difference is in the amount of medication a doctor will use to stimulate the ovaries in order to produce eggs. While a typical IVF treatment will aim to produce several eggs for retrieval, Mini-IVF uses weaker or lower doses of medications to produce only a few eggs. Drugs such as Clomid or lower doses of gonadotropins may be administered to patients to stimulate the ovaries during Mini-IVF. The goal is to produce only a couple eggs, as opposed to many.
In addition to ovarian stimulation drugs, a patient undergoing Mini-IVF may also need to take a GnRH antagonist (like Anatagon and Cetrotide), which prevents ovulation from occurring too early, so your doctor has a chance to retrieve the eggs from your ovaries.
Why should you try it?
For starters, low-dose treatment approach of Mini-IVF makes it cheaper than conventional IVF and allows a lower risk of leading to ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome, when the ovaries become dangerously enlarged with fluid due to fertility drugs.
Furthermore, although Mini-IVF costs more than other infertility treatments such as IUI, intrauterine insemination, only one embryo is implanted with Mini-IVF, reducing the risk of fertilizing multiple eggs (resulting in twins, triplets, etc.). With IUI, you cannot control how many eggs will be fertilized.

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  1. jason
    jason says:

    my wife and I are interested in natural IVF we have been struggling with unexplained infertility for 3 years after a miscarriage…We currently live in Raleigh NC however I am originally from Rochester and still have family their….can you please email me info on this and costs….Thank you so much

    • Lisa Stack
      Lisa Stack says:

      Hi Jason,
      I am so sorry for your loss, and recent struggles. The cost of a mini-ivf cycle is $5,500.00. This includes:
      * $2,750 deposit at date of baseline.
      * 12-24 months interest free financing.
      * Monthly payment deducted from credit/debit card. $229.17/12mo., $180.56/18mo., $145.83/24mo.
      *This program includes Anesthesia, ICSI, Assisted Hatching, Retrieval, Embryo Transfer, storage of frozen embryos and FET cycles for one year Patient is responsible for all labs, ultrasounds and medications. We will bill insurance for monitoring and accept what insurance pays minus the co-pays, co-insurances and deductibles. If patient has frozen embryos, they must be used prior to proceeding with the next fresh IVF cycle.
      Regular IVF and mini-ivf share the same initial costs. However, you save money when it comes to medications. You will be using far fewer medications, resulting in a large discount for the cycle. For more information on pricing, please see our costs page:
      Remember, these numbers will change if you have insurance coverage. For more specific pricing, I would suggest that you contact our office for a free phone consultation:
      One more thing to add, is that for the egg retrieval and embryo transfer, you will have to travel to our Syracuse office. Our Rochester office can provide monitoring throughout your cycle if you wish to stay with family for the duration. Or, we can coordinate with a lab close to your home in Raleigh, and you would just have to travel for about a week for the retrieval and transfer.
      Please let me know if you have any further questions!

  2. Emily
    Emily says:

    Hello I had a tubal 7 years ago and my husband and I want a baby so badly together. Would mini ivf work for us?

  3. Lisa
    Lisa says:

    Can mini ivf be used for Gender Selection. I am 39 years old and have 3 daughters.
    My insurance does not cover the ivf drugs so I was looking inot mini ivf being the cost is so much cheaper but only with a few eggs, is their a chance for the desired gender?

    • Lisa Stack
      Lisa Stack says:

      Hi Lisa,
      Yes, PGD for gender selection can be used with mini IVF, however you may only get 2-3 embryos with a mini IVF. Many of our clients will pursue PGD for gender selection with a traditional IVF cycle because it is more cost effective to have a greater pool of embryos. Please schedule a consult appointment to discuss your financing options further:
      Please let me know if there is any anything that I can do for you,

  4. aaron
    aaron says:

    do you have any treatment with azoospermia, and which procedure is better for azoospermia and my wife has PCOS too.please tell me which procedure is better for us. and tell me about the price for mini ivf also. and does the cny giving gurentee for getting pregnant.answer this question is greatly appreciated.

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