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The CNY IVF Grant

The Monthly CNY IVF Grant is our way of giving back to those suffering from infertility. As part of our dedication to providing the world’s most accessible and affordable high-quality fertility care, it’s our pleasure to also provide an opportunity for those in our community to receive a free IVF cycle.

The Basics

We host an IVF Grant Each Month. Some months, the grant will focus on and be restricted to those who fit certain criteria (PCOS, unexplained infertility, recurrent pregnancy loss, military, etc). Other months, the grant is open to everyone. Because the rule may change monthly and grants are only open during a specified time it is important that you follow our Facebook or Instagram page or subscribe to our newsletter so that you are up to date with the latest month’s rules.

What the Recipient Gets

  • In Vitro Fertilization

    Covers everything in our $3,900 IVF Package.

  • Hotel Accommodation

    Up to 7 nights stay courtesy of the Maplewood Suites in Syracuse, NY.

  • Medication Gift Card

    $1000 gift card for IVF medications courtesy of Integrity Rx.

CNY Fertility is not responsible for the delivery of goods promised by our partners.  Hotel accommodation is available only for those living outside the area of our offices offering retrievals and transfers and is subject to hotel availability.

How Recipients Are Chosen

The IVF grant recipients are chosen via a combination of random selection and verification.  This means that the recipients are first selected randomly but subsequently verified that they followed all the directions for the grant, meet the criteria for that month (if there are restrictions that apply), and demonstrated effort in the application (if there was an application). The recipient must also not have insurance covering IVF.


*All gifts must be redeemed within one year of being selected as the grant recipient. CNY Fertility reserves the right to revoke any IVF cycle credit from a recipient at any point up until the recipient’s baseline appointment for the IVF cycle for any reasons including but not limited to the discovery of health insurance coverage for IVF.

Common Ways to Apply for Our Monthly Grants