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Liezel & Robert

Wisconsin -


  • Embryo Freezing
  • Frozen embryo transfer (FET)
  • In vitro Fertilization (IVF)


  • Syracuse


  • Robert Kiltz, MD
  • David Corley, MD
  • Edward Ditkoff, MD
  • Faez Faruqi, MD
  • Grace Michel, NP

Liezel & Robert's Story:

My husband and I are high school sweethearts. We picked out names for our children when we were in high school. We decided we wanted to wait to get married and have children. I wanted to finish my master's degree, buy a house, travel, and just live our lives a little, not ever thinking infertility would be a factor.

We got married in October 2018, and we immediately started trying. After ten months of trying, we made an appointment at our local infertility clinic. My local RE completed an SHS and, a month later, a hysteroscopy, where she discovered scar tissue in my uterus (Asherman's syndrome) (no previous uterine trauma or miscarriages).

We went on to try 4 IUIs after clearing the scar tissue, but none were successful.

My local RE mentioned that we should start discussing IVF. I had already heard of CNY Fertility thanks to my local infertility Facebook group, so I immediately called for a consult, which we got scheduled for 6 weeks later.

We completed our retrieval in November 2020 and were able to freeze seven embryos. We attempted medications for a FET three times and had to cancel each time due to my thin lining.

After making some lifestyle changes, we were able to attempt our first FET 9 months after the retrieval, which was unsuccessful. We had another unsuccessful FET in November 2021.

We took a few months off and decided to do another FET in March 2022 with a different immune protocol and by transferring two embryos.

That transfer was successful, and we welcomed our boy/girl twins in September 2022!

We battled an incompetent cervix and a 2-month NICU stay, but the littles stayed healthy throughout their NICU stay. They are home, happy, and thriving!

We can't thank CNY Fertility enough for helping us bring our little miracles into this world. They bring us so much love and joy!

Helpful resources Liezel & Robert found:

The facebook group was super helpful along with groups that related to my diagnosis. I did acupuncture before and after my FET as well as weekly in my hometown prior to the transfer.

The Moment:

I had been taking pregnancy tests since my transfer (I know that I shouldn't have) but they continued to be positive and get darker but I still just couldn't believe it was true.

I unfortunately was battling OHSS after my FET so I had to go into the ER to get fluid drained. At the ER, they drew blood (8 days post transfer), and it was confirmed that I was pregnant!

I hadn't told my husband yet and he couldn't be with me at the ER because of COVID protocols so I was so excited to tell him once I got home. He couldn't believe it either and they were the happiest tears we've ever cried.

Hope, Inspiration and Advice:

Infertility is hard. IVF and treatment is hard. Just know that you are not alone. It's OK to have lots of different feelings- happy, mad, sad, frustration. Find a person or a group of people that you feel comfortable with to share those emotions. No one should have to do this battle alone.