Stress and Fertility: How You Can De-stress and Improve Your Chances to Conceive


If you’re trying to get pregnant and are under stress, there are quite a few symptoms you can watch for to help determine your fertility and calm your curiosity. One of these signs is your cervical mucus. On your most fertile cycle, your cervical mucus should become increasingly wet as you approach ovulation and is said to resemble egg whites, slippery to touch and clear to semitransparent in color. If your cycle is being affected by stress, you may notice some wet days and some dry ones. If the mucus is not fertile, it can look yellow, cloudy or white in color and can be sticky to touch.
Beyond warning signs, there are many ways to de-stress and help prevent you from having another unsuccessful cycle. At CNY Fertility & CNY Healing Arts we offer many suggestions for stress reduction to help improve your chances to conceive, we’ve highlighted a few below:

  • Don’t make mountains out of molehills – We’ve all heard this saying. Never thought it would carry so much weight, huh? Psychologist Charlotte Davis Kasl, author of Finding Joy, writes, “Peace of mind comes from not attaching a great deal of significance to either state. We simply note our moods and physical state and gently move toward balance as best we can, accepting it as part of the flow of life.”
  • Try acupuncture – In Germany, studies revealed that women who underwent acupuncture treatments just before and just after an embryo transfer into their uterus had a significantly higher rate of pregnancy than those who did not (42.5% as to 26.3%). Read about Acupuncture for Fertility here.
  • Exercise more – it releases Endorphins that make you feel good in both body and mind. The world is constantly trying to throw us out of balance. Keep exercise a constant and it will improve your quality of life in many ways. Yoga for Fertility is strongly suggested at CNY Fertility. Class schedules here.
  • Diet well – a diet does not have to mean counting calories and cutting carbs. Dieting can be as simple as not making that daily stop at Starbucks or eating more organic, less processed foods. Try eating more grains and less fat, as well as plenty of fruit and vegetables. Eat well and you will be well.
  • Sleep regularly – This has to be one of the top reasons for anxiety among humans. Whether your sleep lacks quality, quantity, or regularity, poor sleep can leave you too tired to do the things you like to do. Sleep loss can leave you irritable, moody, impatient and unable to focus. So rest up and enjoy life!
  • Take time for yourself – Remember to take time each day to appreciate yourself and celebrate the small stuff. Treat yourself to a professional massage or take a yoga class. Do something that will relax you in both body and mind.
  • Surround yourself with a supportive crowd – Would you say you have good friends or bad friends? If it’s the latter, please consider weeding our your crowd. A supportive and understanding group of friends can make a world of difference when facing questions of infertility. Engage in healthy relationships and be practical when choosing friends. Visit our calendar and join us for a support event.
  • Breath deeply – Try it right now. Slowly, inhale deeply into your belly and exhale as much air as possible from your lungs. Practice this before reacting to any obstacle life throws at you; notice the difference in your reactions.