Nutritional Supplements

Recommended Preconception Prenatal Vitamins and Fertility Supplements

Nutritional choices can have a big impact on both male and female fertility. Eating a balanced diet, taking high-quality nutritional supplements, and maintaining an overall healthy lifestyle including regular physical activity are a few things that couples can do to increase their chances.

A woman’s nutritional needs during preconception are different than they are throughout pregnancy, so taking high-quality preconception prenatal vitamin is important for all women trying to conceive. For men, certain antioxidants and other nutrients have been shown support fertility by improving sperm structure and function.

CNY Fertility Center has chosen to partner with Theralogix® to offer a comprehensive line of evidence-based, independently tested and certified nutritional supplements. Theralogix supplements have been approved by a Medical Advisory Board comprised of nationally reputed physicians and scientists after a detailed review of the most recently published scientific data. To order supplements from Theralogix, click here.

Theralogix offers TheraNatal® Core or TheraNatal® OvaVite® to support the nutritional needs of a woman during preconception*.

Some women may need additional supplementation to support their fertility. Theralogix also offers a number of other products including Ovasitol® (inositol powder), DHEA 25 (DHEA), NeoQ10® (coenzyme Q10), TherOmega (omega3 fish oils) and other fertility-focused products. Consult with your doctor to determine what nutrients are best for you!

During pregnancy, women can choose from either TheraNatal® One or TheraNatal® Complete to support the needs of both mother and baby*.

For the male partner, Theralogix offers Conception XR® to provide antioxidants and nutrients to improve sperm structure and function.*

Visit Theralogix to learn more about their physician-trusted vitamins and fertility supplements.


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