With easy access to the internet, finding fertility information is easier than ever. However, identifying trustworthy, relevant, and usable information can be a whole lot harder. At CNY Fertility, our editorial goals are focused on making high-quality, evidence-based fertility health information understandable and accessible so you can make informeddecisions possible.

As part of our article creation process, our writers and editors will occasionally include descriptions of and links to relevant products they feel could be useful to our readers.

How we select products, services, or treatments

Our clinical and editorial team spends hours analyzing research and data, treating patients, taking continuing education, talking to industry experts, and more to understand what products, services, and treatments may be helpful for our readers and patients. More often than not, we decide that a product, service, or treatment we come across is not worth sharing.

In instances that we discover a product, service, idea, or treatment that we deem is worth sharing, recommending, or offering, we may develop a business or business relationship in which CNY Fertility financially profits.

Business Relationships with Financial Ties

Examples of these business relationships include but are not limited to:

Molecular Fertility

Molecular Fertility and CNY Fertility share ownership and CNY Fertility profits through recommending fertility supplements. Despite the shared ownership, our aim is for our integrity to never be compromised. We recommended supplements long before CNY Fertility had a financial incentive to do so because we found that fertility-specific dietary supplements helped fill dietary gaps by providing often difficult to obtain nutrients.  Molecular Fertility only develops and sells products CNY Fertility has found to support male and female reproductive health as demonstrated through published research and clinical experience.


ZyMōt is a sperm processing device that helps filter and select healthy sperm. Studies have demonstrated its superiority to other sperm selection methods and thus find it important to offer ZyMōt to our patients. We purchase ZyMōt devices from the manufacturer and sell the service (with value-added) for a slight mark up.

Other Products, Services, and Treatments

There are of course other ways in which we financially profit from describing and recommending various things on our website. Similarly, we often recommend products, services, and treatments in which there are no direct financial ties. 

The Importance of Integrity

As the health and wellness industries continue to become increasingly commodified, we understand the importance of identifying and being cautious of the fine line between useful products, services, and treatments that provide real value versus those that do not. We only discuss, recommend, or links products/services/treatments when we believe we have identified a need, or that it doing so adds value to our readers or patients.