Words of Support and Encouragement Week of September 27, 2010


A recent article published by The New York Times explained that researchers have found that just one massage produces positive changes in the body.  Decreasing stress and regulating hormones, massages can benefit all bodies – especially those trying to conceive.  Imagine the results from a daily peaceful Maya Abdominal massage, or the loving massage from a partner after a long day.
We have the capacity to heal ourselves, and each other, with touch.  Maya Abdominal massage is great, because you can continue care at home – everyday!  If you would like more information on our massage services, please browse our CNY Healing Arts website: www.cnyhealingarts.com
We have many practitioners that would love to help create a daily massage program for you!
Also, don’t miss this great article from The Post Standard featuring Dr. Kiltz!  The article discusses alternative therapies in health care, and how Syracuse is bridging the therapies or Eastern and Western.
Best of Luck!