Words of Support and Encouragement Week of October 1, 2012


Good morning!  I hope that you enjoyed a relaxing weekend.  This month, I’m very excited to offer a free Nutrition for PCOS webinar on Thursday, October 18th at 6:30p.  Healthy food choices can be very challenging to make when coping with PCOS and infertility.  When I first received my diagnosis, I knew that I had to limit carbohydrates and sugars, but I found it challenging to not feel hungry all of the time, stop myself from giving in too much during the holidays, and finding a good balance of vitamins and nutrients.
Heather Neeley, RD, alleviated many of those questions for me.  A few years ago, when I was just beginning to understand PCOS, we had Heather present at our Circle of Hope support group.  I finally had my questions answered, and a diet framework that I could follow!  It was so refreshing to be able to actually ask someone specific questions, instead of trying to find the answer somewhere online.  Heather is very knowledgable, and approachable. I truly appreciated her patience and kindness.
If you have questions about how you can support your fertility through healthy food choices, I encourage you to attend the webinar.  It is free, easy, and you can ask as many questions as you would like!  We will also record the session, to be posted on our website for your reference.
To register for the webinar, please visit this link: http://cnyfertility.com/discussion/calendar.php?do=getinfo&e=733&day=2012-10-18&c=1
We also have our free Circle of Hope Support Group Sessions, and Albany PCOS Support Group this month:
Circle of Hope, Tuesday, October 9th 7:30p-8:30p after Free Yoga for Fertility
PCOS Support Group, Tuesday, October 2nd 6:00p-7:00p try Zumba for free immediately after!
Circle of Hope Support Group, Tuesday, October 9th 5:30p-7:00p before Free Yoga for Fertility
Circle of Hope Support Group, Wednesday, October 24th 5:30p-7:00p before Free Yoga for Fertility
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.
I hope to hear from you during this great session!