Words of Support and Encouragement Week of November 30, 2009


12263825709cWI5kGI hope you all had a nice and relaxing Thanksgiving!  Hopefully you were able to utilize some of the tools I mentioned last week, and set aside some of the usual holiday frustrations and anxieties.  Remember, you are human, and if this weekend did bring up some unpleasant or unexpected emotions – it’s OK!  We learn, and just work towards better preparing for the next holiday!
Sometime this week, it would be good to take an inventory of your recent holiday.  How did you feel going into it?  How were you able to cope with anxiety producing situations?  Would you have changed anything?  How do you want to prepare for the next holiday?  We are quickly approaching the December holidays, and now is a good time to begin preparing.  We can learn from Halloween and Thanksgiving, to better prepare ourselves and continue to evolve.
While the weather is still nice (in Syracuse at least!) try to take a quiet walk and review your holiday experience.  Be proud of how you handled yourself in a challenging situation.  It does not matter whether you feel you handled each situation as best you could, it has passed and you will never be placed in that same position again.
In the next week or so I will be posting an article specific to the December holidays with some repeat suggestions, and some new tools to try out as well.
Please contact me if there is anything I can help you with, or if you need just a little more support this week.
Take care,