Words of Support and Encouragement Week of June 7, 2010
Posted by: Editor on Jun 07, 2010 in News

If you feel like you are repeating the same cycle again and again, maybe it is time to change things up a bit.  Even if you are repeating the same medications and procedures, each cycle can feel drastically different by how you support it.  Diet, exercise, meditation, and Traditional Chinese Medicine can all help to support your cycle, and renew confidence.

These factors are also great because sometimes the medical side of your cycle can begin to feel out of your control; these options bring some of the control back to you.  They are ways to actively work towards your goal of a child.

On Monday, June 14th we will have Kari Gardner, one of our newest acupuncturists, join us for our Monthly Support Webinar, and Syracuse Circle of Hope Support Group.  Kari will share with us some of her knowledge of treating infertility (especially PCOS) with Traditional Chinese Medicine.  She will also tell us of how she has seen these practices benefit her life and the lives of others.

We will also be giving information on the July IVF Giveaway, so be sure to join us!

For information on our Support Groups for all locations, please visit this website article: Support

Hope to see you there!



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