Words of Support and Encouragement Week of July 4, 2011


Happy Fourth of July!  I hope that you are taking the day to relax, celebrate, and enjoy your loved ones.  If you are heading off to a get together with friends or family today, try to take advantage of this opportunity glean happiness, love, and support from those around you. Even if you don’t share the specifics of your fertility journey with them, you can access a great wealth of laughter, hugs, and peace from those around you.  Take today to celebrate with those you love, spend some time nurturing your emotions, and don’t forget to indulge a little bit too.  It is important to let go a little bit every once in a while, and you deserve it!
If you are looking for a few opportunities this week, please feel free to browse our CNY Fertility and CNY Healing Arts calendars.
Also, if you are finding today to be a little bit challenging, take a moment to review our Holiday Support Guide for a few tips!
Have a great holiday,