Words of Support and Encouragement Week of August 5, 2011


Good morning!  I hope that you are enjoying a long holiday weekend.  This week at CNY Fertility Center, we are focusing on our clients coping with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS).  PCOS is sometimes incredibly challenging, as there are factors to consider beyond typical fertility treatments.  To truly battle PCOS is to accept a lifestyle change.  This means that in addition to the regular protocols any client would receive at our office, a client with PCOS also has to consider improving sleep, diet, and exercise to truly improve fertility.
PCOS can seem overwhelming to cope with at times, but I promise you that we have plenty of support to offer.  Our practitioners are armed with plenty of information regarding the syndrome, our nutritionists are well aware of the best recipes to get your new eating habits started off right, and our Healing Arts practitioners are able to offer support for your entire being, so that you may feel your best.
Additionally, our Albany location offers a monthly PCOS support group, and I am available to chat as needed.  My personal journey with PCOS has transformed my entire life into a much healthier and peaceful existence, even beyond my fertility.
Take a look at this week’s newsletter full of great recipes, support opportunities, and tips!  Also, please let me know if there is any further support that I can offer you.
Have a great week!