Words of Support and Encouragement Week of August 17, 2009


sunflowerGood morning, and I hope you had a wonderful weekend!  On Saturday I was joined by my good friend and yoga instructor Kim, and 12 wonderful women for our first ‘Letting Go’ workshop.  We explored yoga, meditation, and a few coping mechanisms to free ourselves from lingering negative thoughts, anxiety, and guilt.
As I have discussed before in my weekly articles, it is important to treat our thoughts and emotions properly.  I think this topic is so important that it deserves a second visit.
Often we feel that we have to hide, or cover up our emotions so that we may appear strong and composed.  However, this can result in anxiety, depression, and various physiological manifestations of stress such as upset stomach, headache, and high blood pressure.  None of which you need!  Instead of hiding and repressing these emotions, I ask you to try and feel them.
Once you begin to experience an emotion you would normally repress such as anger or depression, allow it to manifest.  Feel and experience all aspects of the emotion.  If you feel the urge to cry, then allow yourself to cry.  Name your emotion, make sure you say to yourself or others ‘I am feeling angry’ or ‘I am feeling very sad’.  This acknowledges the presence of the emotion and gives it the recognition it deserves.
As soon as you allow yourself to really feel the emotion and you verbally acknowledge its presence, begin to tell yourself ‘I have experienced my sadness, now it is time to move on’.  It is natural and healthy to fully experience each emotion, but then allow it to pass.  Emotions are not permanent; they are fluid and can move as they please.  It won’t do you any good to harbor these feelings longer than they need to be present.
Make sure to use positive language and reassure yourself that you are OK and ready to move on.  Once the emotion has run it’s course, you will begin to feel relief and return to your normal state.
Although it may seem counter intuitive to accept and welcome these feelings of anger and depression, remember that you are a living, feeling human being and it is in our nature to respond emotionally.  That is what gives us the ability to love, and feel those amazing moments of joy.
Remember that each emotion will eventually pass, and that thoughts are just things and they can easily be changed.
Take care, and welcome those emotions!
Lisa Stack