Words of Support and Encouragement Week of April 25, 2011


This week is National Infertility Awareness Week, and Resolve.org’s focus is “Bust a Myth”.  Have you encountered any myths from family or friends?  Although they often mean well, our loved ones (and even strangers!) can sometimes make comments that are misdirected and hurtful.  It is important to remember that unless someone has experienced fertility challenges, they are unable to completely understand your thoughts and emotions.  Often these comments are well intended, even if they are hurtful.
If you encounter any myths of fertility, such as, “You just have to relax, it’ll happen!” try to remind yourself that it is coming from a place of concern and support.   You are actively working on your fertility, and moving forward each day.  You also have a strong supportive community, here at CNY Fertility Center.
This week, we have the rescheduled Interactive Fertility Support Webinar, as well as many more opportunities for support.  For more information, please visit our CNY Fertility Calendar.
Also, don’t forget about our National Infertility Awareness IVF Giveaway!  There is just one more week to register!
Best of luck,