Words of Support and Encouragement Week of April 11, 2011


Good morning!  I hope you enjoyed the beautiful weekend.  Now that the weather is finally warming up, it is time for some Horticulture Therapy.  Horticulture Therapy (HT) is a widely used practice to engage and rehabilitate patients recovering from a wide variety of illnesses and conditions.  This practice can also be used for those suffering from grief, and/or an ongoing challenge such as improving fertility.  The method really is very simple: get outside, and get your hands dirty.  There have been many studies that have shown improvements in overall mood and health in patients that spend a few minutes working in a garden, a couple times a week.  We have a beautiful garden at CNY Healing Arts Syracuse for you to sit and enjoy, but I also encourage you to begin your own small plot to tend to, nurture, and love.
Gardening really is a wonderful experience, and it does not have to be complicated.  If you are pressed for space, simple pot of soil in a sunny window works great.  You’ll find that once you begin working with the soil, a calm and serene feeling passes over your body, and your mind fades into the background.  Suddenly, the racing thoughts aren’t as important, and the physical task begins its healing process.
We also have many support opportunities available this month, including our Syracuse Circle of Hope Support Group session, tonight!
For more events and opportunities to share and relax, please check with our CNY Healing Arts and CNY Fertility Calendars.
Best of luck, and happy gardening!