Video: Introduction to Maya Abdominal Massage and Infertility


Hi, my name is Lisa Stack, and I’m the CNY Fertility Support Coordinator.  I wanted to upload a couple videos talking about Maya Abdominal Massage, and our specific fertility treatments that we offer. We’ve had great response on our YouTube page, as well as on our website, with the Maya Abdominal Massage videos, so I want to get a  little bit more specific and answer some good specific questions that some of our clients have had, and some that you may have as well. So I’m going to talk about Maya Abdominal Massage with IUI, IVF, general sperm sample, as well as donor egg and donor embryo cycles. 
So if you have any other questions or any other cycles you’d like me to hit on, I can absolutely answer those for you; just post them as a comment. Or if you can e-mail it to our office, or email it to me; however you’d like to contact us. The word will get through and I can get those videos up for you. If you are interested in Maya Abdominal Massage and want a more basic introduction, then take a look at my original video, and I talk about the process in itself, and my response to it, and my reaction. I absolutely believe in Maya Abdominal Massage. I think it was a great resource to me, and just to my overall health, and we have had many clients have wonderful cycles and wonderful, beautiful, healthy pregnancies with the help of Maya Abdominal Massage. So we absolutely encourage it; it’s part of our Fertile Secret Program, and Dr. Kiltz really believes that it is integral to having a healthy cycle and working through maybe some challenges you may have had in previous cycles.  This may be a good key for you. 
So, again, if you have any questions, take a look at the old video, and also feel free to contact our office at any time, and we can walk through any of these questions with you.  Enjoy. 
Lisa Stack, Support Coordinator

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  1. maryann
    maryann says:

    hi i have been in IUI before but still didnt work and wants to learn the maya fertility massage , is it possible to show it to me the video for the maya massage

    • Lisa Stack
      Lisa Stack says:

      Hi Maryann,
      Maya Abdominal Massage is a specific practice, that we are unable to who on a video. It is important to receive proper in-person instruction from a trained massage therapist, so that you receive the great benefits of this unique massage, but you do not injure yourself in any way. You can schedule an appointment with one of our practitioners here:
      If you are not local, you can search for a trained Maya Abdominal Massage practitioner in your area:
      Best of luck!

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