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CNY Fertility offers top-quality fertility care for 1/3 the cost of the national average. With over 20 years of IVF expertise, your future family is in good hands.

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IVF Pricing and Payment Plans

With the Nation’s Most Affordable IVF, the nation’s only in-house fertility financing, and decades of experience there’s no better place to grow your family.

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  • {{ treatment.data.price.frozen_transfer.label }} Frozen Transfer {{treatment.data.price.frozen_transfer.cny|toCurrency}}
  • {{ treatment.data.price.cryo_preserve.label }} Cryopreservation + 1yr Storage {{treatment.data.price.cryo_preserve.cny|toCurrency}}
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  • {{ treatment.data.price.genetic_testing.label }} Genetic Testing {{treatment.data.price.genetic_testing.cny|toCurrency}}
    {{treatment.data.price.genetic_testing.note_calc | stripHTML}} Third Party {{treatment.data.price.genetic_testing.third_party|toCurrency}}
  • {{ treatment.data.price.medication.label }} Medication Estimate {{total_medication.cny|toCurrency}}
    {{total_medication.note_calc | stripHTML}} Third Party {{total_medication.third_party|toCurrency}}
  • {{ treatment.data.price.zymot.label }} ZyMōt Sperm Processing ${{treatment.data.price.zymot.cny}}
    {{ treatment.data.price.zymot.note_calc | stripHTML}} Third Party ${{treatment.data.price.zymot.third_party}}
  • {{ treatment.data.price.pregmune.label }} Pregmune Reproductive Immunology Testing {{treatment.data.price.pregmune.cny|toCurrency}}
    {{ treatment.data.price.pregmune.note_calc | stripHTML}} Third Party {{treatment.data.price.pregmune.third_party|toCurrency}}
  • {{ treatment.data.price.donor_eggs.label }} Donor eggs {{total_donor_eggs.cny|toCurrency}}
    {{treatment.data.price.donor_eggs.note_calc | stripHTML}} Third Party {{total_donor_eggs.others|toCurrency}}
  • {{ treatment.data.price.donor_sperm.label }} Donor sperm {{treatment.data.price.donor_sperm.cny|toCurrency}}
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  • {{ treatment.data.price.donor_eggs.label }} Donor Package {{total_donor_package.cny|toCurrency}}
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  • {{ treatment.data.price.gestational_surrogacy.label }} Gestational Surrogacy {{treatment.data.price.gestational_surrogacy.cny|toCurrency}}
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  • 5% Military & Veteran Discount {{discount|toCurrency}}
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  • Down Payment to CNY
  • Monthly Payment to CNY

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The above calculation is for simulation purposes only. It is reflective of self-pay pricing, includes highly variable estimates paid to CNY and third parties, and national averages obtained through internal research, FertilityIQ, ASRM, and Resolve. Billing through insurance will likely result in substantially different fees. CNY Fertility does not warrant or guarantee any price for services conducted or rendered by a third party and recommends everyone obtain written estimates from any medical facility involved in your treatment as well as verification of coverage from your insurance company prior to beginning treatment.

+ See our Guarantee Packages
Shared Risk Fund Program

The Fertile Guarantee™

  • IVF Guarantee Package Female Age Under 35

    $20000 6 IVF cycles
    • Up to 6 Retrievals + Anesthesia
    • Lab Fees: ICSI & Assisted Hatching
    • Unlimited Transfers (including FETs)
    • Cryopreservation + 1 yr of storage
    Not Included
    • Diagnostic Testing
    • Genetic Testing
    • Medications
    • Monitoring
  • IVF Guarantee Package Female Age 35-36

    $24000 6 IVF cycles
    • Up to 6 Retrievals + Anesthesia
    • Lab Fees: ICSI & Assisted Hatching
    • Unlimited Transfers (including FETs)
    • Cryopreservation + 1 yr of storage
    Not Included
    • Diagnostic Testing
    • Genetic Testing
    • Medications
    • Monitoring
  • IVF Guarantee Package Female Age 37-39

    $28000 6 IVF cycles
    • Up to 6 Retrievals + Anesthesia
    • Lab Fees: ICSI & Assisted Hatching
    • Unlimited Transfers (including FETs)
    • Cryopreservation + 1 yr of storage
    Not Included
    • Diagnostic Testing
    • Genetic Testing
    • Medications
    • Monitoring

Must not have IVF insurance coverage, Day 3 FSH<9 AMH>1, Estradiol <100, must not have failed more than 3 previous IVF cycles, ability to generate endometrial lining thickness of 7mm, no hydrosalpinx, no significant uterine fibroids (unless corrected with surgery), sperm used must not be indicative of azoospermia or oligospermia. AMH, FSH, Estradiol, and failed cycle restrictions do not apply to donor packages. Eligibility will ultimately be decided by a CNY physician.  All embryos from each retrieval must be transferred prior to moving on to the next retrieval.

Patient Testimonials

  • The quality of care was far and away the best I’d been treated at any clinic. It’s affordable. It’s convenient. Wayat is everything . . and without CNY I wouldn’t have my son.

  • After 6 failed IUIs and 2 IVFs ending in miscarriage at a different doctor, I felt hopeless when I came to CNY, you gave me my hope back. CNY made my years of devastation worth it.

  • Thank you to CNY for giving us these two miracle babies. It still feels like a dream that our wish of becoming parents is finally coming true. We could not have gotten here without you and the hope you gave us throughout our journey! It was a long journey, but beyond worth it. Thank you thank you thank you!!

  • On November 15th, we transferred a beautiful 4AB embryo and I finally became pregnant with our beautiful little girl who was born August 9th. She is the light of our life, and so special because we worked so hard for her. She will always know what an amazing miracle she is!

  • The ladies at the front desk knew me by first name really got to know me. The nurses were just amazing to say the least. I was amazed with my experience with Dr. Kiltz and Dr. Corley, they were always so calm and made me feel so comfortable. Our twins were born June 8th and we could not be more in love.

The Nation's Most Travelled to Fertility Clinic

Locations & Travel

Egg retrievals and embryo transfers (the two main procedures of IVF) are performed at our offices in beautiful Upstate New York (Syracuse, Albany, and Buffalo) and Colorado Springs, Colorado. But that doesn’t mean you can’t be seen if you live elsewhere. In fact, over 50% of our IVF patients live outside of New York or Colorado. Our user-friendly fertility travel program means that you only need to travel to us for approximately 2-7 days (arrive the day before each procedure and leave the day of or after each procedure). We partner with your local OBGYN, Fertility clinic, Radiology office, or hospital to facilitate all your necessary testing as well as monitoring appointments needed during the treatment cycle.

How Our Travel Program Works

  • Getting Started

    Consultation and Fertility Assessment

    It all starts with a consultation.  Most coming from more than a few hour’s drive choose to have their consultation done by phone, Facetime, or Skype. Here we will formulate your individualized IVF plan and explain everything you’ll need. If you decide to move forward, we’ll help you get your medications, set up payment (either insurance or out of pocket with financing options), and finalize all the paperwork for you to start your cycle.

  • Medications, Ultrasounds, Bloodwork

    Local Monitoring

    During an IVF cycle, you’ll be prescribed hormone injections for roughly 10 days. The medications will stimulate your ovaries to produce multiple eggs in one menstrual cycle, instead of just the one egg produced in a typical cycle.  To ensure your body is responding well to the medications and in order to time procedures correctly, you’ll need to have a number of office visits for transvaginal ultrasounds and blood work, typically 3-5. These are called Monitoring Appointments.

    Cycle monitoring appointments can be done near you with a local medical facility. We provide an ultrasound/bloodwork order that you take to your local clinic. They send us the results and, after analyzing them, we call you with updates, next steps, and tell you when to schedule your next monitoring appointment.



  • Destination CNY

    The Procedures

    All of your procedures are done at our offices. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND that anyone who lives more than a few hour drive away arrive in the area the day before the procedure. You can typically return home the day of (by car) or the day after (by plane) your procedure. Everyone is unique, so please you’ll certainly want to consult with your healthcare travel team beforehand.

    If you are doing a fresh IVF Embryo Transfer and drove a long way or took a flight, we generally recommend staying in the area for the five or so days until your transfer. If doing a frozen transfer, most people return home and come back next month for their Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET). Some choose beforehand to do a FET as it offers the same success as a fresh transfer (or sometimes better) and is easier to plan in advance for (sometimes plans for fresh transfers must be changed last minute due to the potential unreadiness for transfer immediately following the IVF Stimulation and Retrieval). 

  • Supporting Implantation

    Post-transfer Care

    After returning home, you will remain in our care for approximately 6-8 weeks until we are confident your pregnancy is appropriately established. During this time we will continue to provide you with ultrasound and blood orders while managing any remaining medication protocols. After this time, you will be fully discharged to your OBGYN.