Miscarriage Tattoos

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Miscarriage Tattoos

The history of tattoos dates back thousands of years. They have served as markers for both good and bad.  They’ve been a record of history, been used to mark prisoners and slaves, express self-identity, and reclaim control over one’s own body. Researchers believe ancient Egyptian women used tattoos as a way of safeguarding their unborn children during pregnancy and birth.  Today, 36% of Americans over the age of 18 have at least one tattoo .  Today, they are a common choice after the loss of a loved one or major life trauma like a miscarriage.

After experiencing a miscarriage, we can find ourselves searching for answers, comfort, companionship, and support.  Even though every four or five pregnancies end in miscarriage , that does not lessen its significance or meaning of the life you were carrying.  While there are many ways to honor a loss, including planting a tree or creating a personalized piece of jewelry, many turn to something a little more intimate and permanent like a Miscarriage Tattoo.

Partially because of its artistic beauty, symbolism, and public display, a miscarriage tattoo can be an incredibly meaningful and beautiful way to remember and commemorate an angel’s life.  On top of honoring the life of your baby up above, having others see and ask about the meaning of your miscarriage tattoo is also a great way to connect with others who may have similarly suffered a loss and raise awareness of an important and often under spoken topic. Let’s get started with some beautiful examples of miscarriage tattoos.

Miscarriage Tattoo Inspiration

There are indeed countless miscarriage tattoos that are beautiful in meaning and illustration. Here, we’ve compiled a few of our favorites along with some words of the mothers sporting them to give you some inspiration and support in your own journey. 

A Special Lotus Flower

Miscarriage Tattoo - Lotus

Credit: Trisha

Meaning of Trisha’s Miscarriage Tattoo

If you asked Trisha what helped her heal from her miscarriages, she would say that one of the things that helped the most was getting her tattoo. Her tattoo beautifully commemorates and honors her whole family, her sons living beside her, her husband, and her angels up above. But let’s just here about her tattoo from her own words:

“7 petals for 7 angels.
3 dots to represent my living sons.
1 dot up above to represent my husband, my rock. The man who holds my family together.

A lotus flower represents “Trusting in the light. Growing through the dirt and believing in new beginnings.” It’s small, simple, but with HUGE meaning. I love the permanent reminder I have every time I look at my ankle. I went through so much “mud and pain” in my life. But I know in my heart that because of those hard times, I am stronger. It has taught me to be a better person. It has shown me that even in my hardest of days, I can choose to continue to grow in ALL areas of my life and myself. I can always strive to do better. To love harder. To open my heart and be more compassionate. The struggles of losing so many babies have somehow bloomed me into a beautiful lotus.
But most of all, I just want my sons and angels to know that they are forever loved.”

Angel Flying and Painting a Rainbow

Miscarriage Tattoo - Angel Flying and Painting Rainbow

Credit: Rachel

Rachel on her Miscarriage Tattoo

“Tattoos are cathartic for me, and I definitely recognized the pain from this one as helping me heal and keep moving forward as we look for our rainbow after the storm. Super blessed Jake was with me and got the same tattoo so we could support each other. We have worked hard to grow together and stay close in our marriage while we grieve. Being intentional about this has been our saving grace and sometimes a challenge. Nothing about this loss has been easy for us as individuals or as a couple. The best advice we were given was to support each other in the individual ways we grieve and be open about what we need. This is so helpful and so difficult, but worth it.

One other thing is that surely anyone who has suffered this kind of loss feels they deserved it on some level. Or that they don’t deserve to be a parent or experience pregnancy. A good friend reminded me recently that I would never say that to anyone else on a TTC journey, so why do I feel it’s okay to say that to and about myself? I’m making an active choice to be kind to my body instead of hating it or resenting it. It’s capable of amazing things.”

Angel with Mom

Miscarriage Tattoo - Angel With Mom Livinglanders

Credit: Ashley

Meaning of Ashley’s Miscarriage Tattoo:

“I lost my daughter in August of 2019 after a 14-week miscarriage. This loss rocked my world because it came alongside a potential cancer diagnosis. I had never even heard of a partial molar pregnancy until it happened to me. It essentially means that my daughter started developing normally, but she carried an extra copy of every chromosome, which causes tumors to grow all over their body, eventually cutting off their oxygen supply. These tumors, if left inside your body, can metastasize and turn into cancer. If the D&C left even one cell behind, I was looking at a potential hysterectomy or months of chemotherapy and radiation.

I only had one child, my 18-month son, whom I so desperately wanted to give a sibling to. I wasn’t done having children, so being left with these choices was nothing shy of a nightmare.

Thankfully, the D&C was successful, and I was cleared to start trying for another baby almost six months later, but I was left with this huge hole in my heart. I HAD a daughter. She existed. She was real. I have pictures of her. I heard her heartbeat just three days before she was gone. But when I was out in public, people only saw my son and me. People would ask if I wanted more children, which stung more than I can explain because I would have given anything to have her there too. So I thought a tattoo was a perfect idea to honor her life.

I get so many compliments on it, and it’s always an opportunity to share her life with the world. My tattoo artist Nicco gave me something I will treasure for the rest of my life. It was a full moon the day we found out she had passed away, so I knew Luna was the perfect name for her. She became a part of nature, but I get to keep her with me always.”

Miscarriage Tattoo Elephant blowing hearts

Miscarriage Tattoo - Story of Loss and Hope

Credit: Cristina

Meaning of Christina’s Miscarriage Tattoo

Even when I’m not consciously thinking about my lost babies and due dates, my body and mind never seem forget. Something feels off. ⁣ I’m more sensitive. ⁣ More anxious. ⁣More impatient. ⁣Not quite myself. ⁣Every time the anniversary of a due date or miscarriage passes it’s hard not to think about what could have been. ⁣After Baby 3 I decided to memorialize my babies on my body forever. ⁣It’s become one of my favorite parts of my body. ⁣ A daily reminder of the babies that were a part of me, lived inside of me, and grew in my womb, even if only for a short time. ⁣ Each part of my tattoo is full of meaning. The elephant has numerous meanings which I won’t get into right now. ⁣The hearts were drawn by Dan, because these babies are a part of him too. ⁣ They are ascending to heaven with the elephant looking longingly at them, wondering what could have been. ⁣ The solid hearts represent each of my lost babies. And while they may not be in order, I know exactly which heart is for which baby. ⁣ The open heart reminds me to have hope. To keep going despite the struggle. To put one foot in front of the other and move forward, but not move on.”

Baby Bird

Miscarriage Tattoo Inspiration - Baby Bird

credit: Kayla – Instagram @kaymich_fitlife

Meaning of Kayla’s Miscarriage Tattoo

“January 5, 2020 — a date that before last year had no special meaning. But now I will always remember it as the day we were supposed to be welcoming our sweet baby into the world. At 10 weeks pregnant, we heard the words — “your baby doesn’t have a heart beat.” The pain is something I still can’t put into words & I don’t want to try. Miscarriage may seem common but it does not mean it isn’t incredibly painful. 

There are times when God allows loss and allows pain. And that’s honestly pretty hard to accept. But God is good and we are strong. We may not always know His plan or timing but we do know it is far greater than we can imagine. 

So today I am taking this moment to commemorate our sweet baby bird💕

I share this now not for sympathy but because it is a huge part of my story, my growth, and my life. And although it’s not my favorite part, it is one of the most important ones because it broke me, rebuilt me, shaped me, and continues to teach me.

And even though being in this “club” isn’t something anyone wants, it’s a community nonetheless. God has sent me incredible support during this journey and I hope to be that source of encouragement & love for any other mamas out there who need it.”

Pea in a Pod

Miscarriage Tattoo Pea in a Pod

Credit: Joy Van

Meaning of Joy’s Miscarriage Tattoo

“My first baby died in the first trimester at the size of a sweet pea so that’s where we got the symbolism. We call that baby our sweet pea.” 

Joy also has a podcast where she interviews parents who have lost children in pregnancy and infancy.

Baby Foot

Miscarriage Tattoo - Maddy Baby Footprint

Credit: Maddy

Words from Maddy’s about her Miscarriage Tattoo

Suffering a miscarriage is tough no matter what, but it can be even more devastating as a young person when people don’t validate your feelings and dismiss your grieving with simple things like, “oh you’re still so young.”  That’s what happened to Maddy, but her tattoo is a beautiful reminder to herself and the world that her angel up above does matter.

“As someone who openly speaks of my experience with consecutive miscarriage, I feel like sadly it is still this word that is only ever whispered. Miscarriage is often experienced by woman all around the world, more commonly than we know.

I have had two miscarriages with no successful pregnancy (obviously), and as a 21 year old I often get “oh but you’re so young” and to me that is partly the problem. I am supposed to be the most healthy and fertile right now. Being an individual who has experienced this loss twice at 21 really f%(G#@g sucks, and that’s not going to just improve on its own with time as I get older, actually probably make things worse.

For some reason, admitting to having had miscarriages feels odd, it feels almost embarrassing! It‘s like people will judge you as a woman for failing, and although I know that is very much a reflection of how I feel within myself – it still eats my ego when I admit it, but I push that aside to share, to be the voice for others who don’t feel like it’s safe to say, to scream it aloud so we are seen, for couples who go through these feelings, who mourn every time there is a baby shower, birthday, Christmas, a pregnancy announcement online, those who feel like they can’t talk about their baby because it’s this taboo thing.

I see you, I speak for you, and that to me is worthwhile 💛”


Miscarriage Tattoo - Poppy - Restful peace in death

Credit: Brigite

Meaning of Brigite’s Miscarriage Tattoo

“Poppy flowers: A symbol of rest-fullness + peace in death. The flower for August. 🌿 August: The month in which we was supposed to meet our little one. This tattoo is much more than just ink. It’s a lovely reminder that you are just as beautiful as these simple flowers. Just as precious as the delicate petals. You are and always will be my baby. My world. I can’t wait to meet you. Until then, you’ll be with me forever. Mommy loves you.”

Birds On a Branch and Flying

Miscarriage Tattoo - Birds On Branch and Flying

Credit: Renee

Words from Renee about her Miscarriage Tattoo

“I just love having all my babies permanently painted on my arm to see everyday. And the best part is that most people get the symbolism immediately. It’s brought me so much peace knowing that I have our branch of our family tree on me at all times”

Angel Wings and Amor Fati

Miscarriage Tattoo - Angel Wings and Amor Fati

Credit: Courtney 

Meaning of Courtney’s Miscarriage Tattoo

““Amor Fati” means love of fate. If you look up the meaning it’s a beautiful representation of life and loss and it felt very fitting for this type of memorial.

In April of 2014 we lost our 12 week old baby. I had just turned 19, was newly married, and alone in Alaska while my husband was training across the country and our family and friends were in California. To say that this loss broke me is an understatement. But thanks to my loving husband and finding the most amazing therapist, they helped me through one of the darkest months of my life. The pain of this loss consumed me and there were days I didn’t know if I could go on. I know many of you can unfortunately relate.

I personally feel like the hardest thing about losing this child was the fact that I had nothing to show that this baby was here on earth. Her time was so very short. I never got to find out if she was a girl or a boy but my heart has always felt she was a girl. When you lose something so precious but so early on in pregnancy, you fear that this little life will be forgotten. Sometimes you may feel silly bringing it up or mentioning your angel baby and I’m here to tell you that it is more than okay. I am a safe space for anyone who wants to share with me about their angel babies.

The more we share, the more awareness there is and hopefully we can help others cope with their loss and help prepare those that may go through it as well.
I will be sharing a video later this month about my miscarriage and the healing process. “

Baby feet with Halo

Miscarriage Tattoo Feet with Halo

Credit: Marlaina

Words from Marlaina About Miscarriage

“1 in 4 women experience this loss.. I am 1 in 4. If you’re unfamiliar with our story I have been pregnant 8 times, I have had 4 miscarriages and 4 healthy pregnancies. 3 of my children are rainbow babies.. and although Maddox isn’t technically a rainbow baby I still see him as special, after having my first 2 miscarriages back to back and close together I had Mason and Maddox close together and I felt like it was God giving me back what was taken from me. After having 2 healthy pregnancies I honestly thought I was passed miscarriages, I thought i was done with them but I was wrong. I ended up having 2 more, 1 after Maddox and 1 after Cole. During those times it’s hard to hear the whole “ everything happens for a reason” speeches. But after time has passed I’d like to say I am firm believer that yes everything does happen for a reason, and maybe in those moments it’s hard to realize the reason but looking back on it now it’s because I was meant to have these specific children. I couldn’t imagine my life without these 4. Everyone handles miscarriage differently.. I am someone who prefers to talk about my tough times because it helps me cope. Not everyone is like that and that’s perfectly ok. My advice to the world is try to be alittle more sensitive to women, don’t ask the “ when are you guys going to have a baby? “ or “when are you going to have another one” because you never know who is actually trying and struggling , or who has been trying and experienced loss.”


Miscarriage Tattoo - Liana

Credit Liana

Words from Lina about her miscarriage tattoo

“over two years ago we miscarried- and that’s actually how we found out that I was pregnant. It took me a while to process it, and when I did, I was devastated. Was it something I did? Was it because I would be a bad mom? What if I had known? I was so confused, and when I expressed my feelings to others that seemed to make it worse. I was hit with comments like “Well, it’s not like you were trying to have a baby” “It’s not like you knew you were pregnant” “It’s not like you were that far” “It wasn’t meant to be” “It’s not a big deal” etc. At the time I felt guilty because I thought that was valid but now I know it’s not. Those attitudes kept me from reaching out to friends who I had known miscarried for a long time because I worried that my being upset when I “shouldnt” be would be offensive. But guess what? That’s NOT TRUE!!❤️ Because when I did finally talk to women who get it, it was so healing and relieving for me- to learn that my feelings were normal and understandable. To know that we can’t reason away our babies like it was nothing. It’s kinda crazy that I even feel the need to say this, but if you’ve lost a baby too soon, it’s ok to grieve. It’s OK to not be ok. Miscarriage matters, our babies matter ❤️ Now I have a forget me not on my wrist for our baby- I’m proud of my heaven baby. Such a little, short life had a huge impact on mine. Our baby changed us, changed our perspective, gave us new compassion, and a stronger faith and plead for heaven.”

Since miscarriage isn’t talked about a lot, I thought I might start drawing about it.. So here’s my new portrait on miscarriage to show the pain and grief. I think it’s a unique pain- maybe because the devastation you feel is met with so much loneliness. Because you have this huge loss and when you open up about it you can be shot down so quick. “Oh it’s normal, it’s natural, it’s no big deal.” But this doesn’t lessen the pain, it just deepens the wound and adds guilt to your feelings. As if you’re not already feeling guilty + crazy for being jealous of healthy pregnancies! It’s horrible. It’s messy. And it isolates you. BUT you’re not actually alone. ✨It happens to a lot of women, and by the way, I am NOT saying that to make you feel like it’s normal. Nothing about losing your baby is normal. I’m just saying it to let you know that there really ARE people who get it. Who see your pain for what it is. Who care. Who can tell you things like wow- that sucks, but it does get better and you might not be the same but that’s ok because your baby changed you. “

Miscarriage Tattoo Quotes

Never Forgotten Forever Loved

Miscarriage Tattoo- Never Forgotten Forever Loved

Credit: The Joyful Morning

Love You Forever

Miscarriage Tattoo - Love you Forever

Credit: lizalvarezart

Getting Help After A Miscarriage

Here at CNY Fertility, we have many support options for those suffering from infertility and pregnancy loss. While a miscarriage or even two may is painful, it is not entirely out of the ordinary. While support groups and professional counseling can help, it may or may not be something that needs to be worried about from a medical standpoint. Recurrent pregnancy loss, on the other hand, that is suffering from a multitude of miscarriages, is a very serious medical diagnosis, and it is important to seek help. Fortunately, recurrent pregnancy loss can be treated quite successfully with the help of a fertility doctor and IVF with genetic testing or with reproductive immunology.

Final Words About Miscarriage Tattoos: A Way to Remember, Mourn, Heal, and Recover

Miscarriage and pregnancy loss can often feel like a silent loss.  Outward expressions of your grief (like a miscarriage tattoo) may help to minimize the feeling of stigma.  A Miscarriage Tattoo is a public and permanent exclamation that this child was real, loved, and is deeply missed.  Some parents choose “explicit” tattoos, like footprints with wings and the child’s name or date of loss.  Others choose more subtle references, like the flower baby’s breath, the miscarriage and pregnancy loss awareness ribbon, a tiny heart, or a miscarriage quote tattoo.  Whatever speaks to you most is the perfect memorial and will hopefully bring you some comfort and healing.  A Miscarriage tattoo can also be an opening for conversation, providing an opportunity to talk about the significance of your tattoo, the child you lost, and a chance to connect with someone who cares enough to listen.

Can a Tattoo Help with Your Miscarriage Recovery Process?

Because painful or traumatic events get registered in our bodies as a series of images and sensory activity, trauma experts encourage survivors to work from the body out as they recover and heal.  Using one’s body to physically register a powerful loss can help express and release the impact of your grief. In many ways, bearing the pain of the tattooing process provides another opportunity to release and express some of the pain from the actual loss itself. And it’s an important physical and visual reminder of your little one—particularly if you place the tattoo on your wrist or lower arm where you’ll see it hundreds of times throughout the day.

Wherever you are, we want you to know that you are not alone and we are sending you our love.

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