Injection Lesson: Video for Cetrotide

Hi!  My name is Lisa Stack, and I’m the CNY Fertility Support Coordinator.  Today, Teah going to teach us how to inject Cetrotide.Teah:  Hi.  So today we’re doing Cetrotide.  It comes in a pre-filled box; so, everything you need is right here.  You have your alcohol wipes; you have your liquid, your powder, and your needles.  To start, we need to mix the powder and the liquid.  The top comes off like that.  Then, you’re going to use the large needle just for mixing and drawing up.  You see that obviously, you aren’t going to inject that into yourself.  This you know is for mixing.  You’re going to clean off with alcohol, the top of the powder.  You’ll take and inject all the water into the powder, mix it around—don’t shake it, just use your needle, and you can roll it between your hands as well.  You’re going to take and draw out the mixed solution, so all of it.  Keep your needle nice and low, and just drain the whole thing out into your syringe.  It can be a little bit tricky, so just be patient with it, just keep your needle nice and low.  Now, I have all of it in there.  Now, we’re going to take and remove the large needle, replace it with the small needle which is gray.  You can remember:   give with gray; it’s the small needle for injection.  Get rid of any extra air that you have in there, and now you’re ready to inject.  You will clean off the little area on your belly below your belly button, and you’re going to inject straight in like dart, push it all in, and you’re all set.

If you have any questions about dosage please call us toll free at 1-800-539-9870 and choose prompt #2.  Administering the proper dosage is very important; we have a nurse available 24/7 at this number to assist you.

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