Acupuncture Treatments for IVF & IUI Procedures

Acupuncture Treatments for IVF & IUI Procedures

First and foremost, the sooner you begin acupuncture the better. Acupuncture treatments that occur Pre-IUI/ IVF / Donor Egg IVF procedures are meant to increase oocyte quality and regulate the menstrual cycle, among other benefits. Acupuncture treatments that occur Post–IVF/IUI Procedure are meant to calm uterine contractions and  increase blood flow to the uterus.


The intention of beginning acupuncture treatment well in advance of fertility treatment is to give you ample time to make adjustments and improvement to your fertility condition. It’s our recommendation that you begin acupuncture treatments 3-6 months before your IVF/IUI procedure. In addition to acupuncture, pre-conception recommendations also include diet, lifestyle, and other changes. The intended results are as follows:

1)    Regulate menstrual cycles
2)    Reduce Stress
3)    Increase blood flow to the uterus
4)    Increase the quality of oocytes


The intention here is to increase the chances of a successful IVF/IUI procedure. We suggest acupuncture treatments once a week through the first trimester. If problems arise during the second and third trimester, we will have you come in for treatment. The intended results are as follows:

1)    Reduce uterine contractions after procedures
2)    Reduce Stress
3)    Keep Your Body Balanced (i.e., if you are blood deficient, continue to support blood)
4)    Miscarriage Prevention

Getting Started

The most important aspect of alternative care for infertility is a local resource. At CNY Fertility, we have our own local resource, CNY Healing Arts Center, where we have several acupuncturists on staff who are available to assist you. For best results, seek acupuncture treatments before and after your IVF/IUI procedures. Please contact CNY Healing Arts at 315.671.5755 if you have any questions or would like further information on acupuncture treatments and fertility care. You can also email Donald Clarke, LAc at