Utilizing Maya Abdominal Masage in Your Fertility Treatment Plan

Maya Abdominal Massage is currently being offered in the CNY Healing Arts locations at Syracuse and Rochester, NY.  This technique helps with a multitude of health related issues including, infertility.
Maya Abdominal Massage is an external massage that gently lifts and guides the uterus into its optimal position in the lower pelvis.  The uterus is held in position by over 10 ligaments.  Ligaments, when stressed or strained cause the uterus to become mal-positioned.  If the uterus is mal-positioned, women experience a multitude of symptoms including a displaced uterus.
A displaced uterus can occur from a number of issues.  Any injuries to the sacrum or tailbone from a fall or car accident, high impact exercise on cement surfaces (running), past surgeries, weak pelvic floor muscles, or chronic muscle spasms around the low back and sacrum can all contribute.  When this has occurred, imbalances happen in the body including endometriosis, uterine fibroids, uterine polyps, irregular ovulation, chronic miscarriages and fertility issues.  Once the uterus is in its correct position, there is improved homeostasis to support and enhance fertility.
Treatments include massage, diet and lifestyle modifications, fertility yoga and herbal therapies to enhance fertility.  Individuals are also taught self care which greatly aids in the improvement of the position of the uterus.  The current success rate ranges from 30-40%.  These positive results happen when women adhere to the protocol of daily self care and conceive within three to six months.
Maya Abdominal Massage also treats a number of other issues in both females and males.  A full listing can be found on the CNY Healing Arts website here along with a listing of our Rainforest Remedies.  Please contact either the Syracuse (315.671.5755) or Rochester (585.244.1280) locations for further information.
Erika Lutwin, LMT
CNY Healing Arts, Syracuse, NY